President Trump Says Pins Are 'In' for Spring

In a surprise twist, POTUS rocks the “it” accessory for summer.

The Trump era is full of bewildering twists and turns, like the president’s latest fashion do, a simple “I Love Trucks” pin. 

Last week at the White House, President Donald Trump hosted truckers and CEOs from the American Trucking Association, a trade group for the industry, and was roundly mocked on the internet when he climbed inside a big rig and honked the horn like an enthusiastic tot.

What wasn’t immediately noticed was what Trump was wearing on his lapel, an “I Love Trucks” pin that’s particularly on point, fashion-wise, if a little out of the step with the more subtle flag pins typically worn by Washington politicos and members of Congress. (Then again, this is the same president who is not afraid to go his own sartorial way; his scotch-taped, too-long necktie has become a late-night TV punch line.)

Pins of all shapes and sizes have been trending for a few seasons now. And in a time when people want their voices to be heard, this one shouts — did you know Trump loved trucks? Now you do.

Last fall, singer Usher sat front row at Chanel, celebrating his love of the brand with a smattering of Chanel pins covering his denim jacket,. For fall 2017, Dior Homme showed suits covered in buttons in a similar size to Trump’s truck variety. As of now, POTUS hasn’t claimed the pin trend as his own. But lest we forget, he was once a fashion designer.

Source: lstyle