Producer Frank Marshall Recalls Carb-Loading, Marathon-Running Days

Just as his ‘Boston’ documentary hits theaters, the super producer recalls the day he finished the race, and wonders if he could’ve run even faster.

Though it won’t do Jurassic Park business at the box office, Frank Marshall is just as proud of his new film, the Matt Damon-narrated doc Boston, which chronicles the world-renowned Boston Marathon. After all, the tentpole producer has some history with 120-year-old race.

While shooting the Indiana Jones installment Raiders of the Lost Ark in London in 1980, Marshall skipped out to run the Boston Marathon and set a personal best. Back in those days, a runner had to run the 26 miles in two hours and 50 minutes in order to qualify (today, it’s three hours and five minutes).

“So I had to train very hard. All I did was work on Indy and run wherever we were,” says Marshall, an avid runner from the 1970s through the ’90s. “The week before the race, we went on a location scout to Tunisia, and I remember that I was kind of worried because you are supposed to start carbo loading three days before the race. On that first day, we were scouting locations in Nefta, in the Sahara Desert, and that night [we were] hosted to a real Bedouin dinner and all they served was meat.”

So, the next day, he began his carb binge, eating pasta the whole way on his flights to Paris and then Boston. He ran the race in 2 hours and 45 minutes, then flew back to London and joined the first production meeting at Elstree Studios. “But I’ve always wondered if I’d run a bit faster with that third day of carbo loading,” he says.

As for Boston, the film, which Marshall executive produced, premieres in Bean Town on April 15, two days before this year’s race. It will then receive a one-night theatrical premiere on April 19.

SOURCE: Hollywood