Project-based Learning And How It Helps Children To Solve Real Problems.

By Bunmi Adedayo Foundation

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to relevant, engaging and practical questions, problems or challenges. In today’s schools, 3 of the most important skills for learning are: Finding Information, Assessing Information and Effective use of Information to accomplish a goal. These 3 skills can be enhanced through PBL whereby children are encouraged to get and use information to solve problems. Under PBL, the teacher guides the students to discover things for themselves and not hand instructions over to them.

Benefits of Project-Based Learning

1. Improves assessment skills: When a child is going to start a new project, they look at it critically with a bid to identify all areas of relative ease and difficulty.

2. Teaches the value of hard work: Children learn more (up to 85%) while they are engaged in activities. The harder they work, the better the outcomes.

3. Teaches time management: Working on a project for a limited time will motivate the mind to stay driven. Based on the set task, children learn how to allocate time amongst all the project components to achieve the perfect result.

4. Boosts Self-confidence: Completing a project successfully instils a sense of self-confidence and self-worth which are very important tools in the real world.

5. Boosts Parent a�� Child Bond: Solving projects or assignments together increase the bond between parents and children. Time spent together with children discussing their assignments help parents to understand how best to get through to their children.

6. Strengthens communication skills: When the project is finally done and ita��s time to present it; children will learn the art of speaking in public which is very crucial these days.

How Parents can get involved.

Do you have a child of your own or are you a guardian that works with children; the following points will help you to get closer to your child:

1. Keep an open mind: Be willing to hear from your child as no two projects are the same. It is also an opportunity to build his/her creativity.

2. Share your expertise: Let your child know you are willing to share your knowledge by getting more involved in their homework but allow some independence.

3. Ask Questions: Talk with your children; ask them questions about what theya��re doing with their projects. Give them an ear as they talk about what theya��re learning.

4. Give Your Child a Workspace: Children work better in undisturbed environment. Give your child the gift of a comfortable corner where they cannot be easily distracted.

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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