Project Fame Winner Turns Cab Driver To Avoid Depression

Olawale Ojo, 2013 Project Fame winner, has said he decided to become a cab driver to avoid depression.

This revelation was made in a video posted by an Instagram user, Tope Delano, on Wednesday.    

In the video, the singer said he had to make a decision between selling the car he won at the reality show to promote his music or not.

“This car that you have, if you sell it to push yourself, you might not even be able to shoot a proper video and promote it. And it’s not like there is a guarantee that this song you are promoting, this money you are spending you will get it back. So, I felt selling this car would not be an option for me. And, I just told myself that you have to swallow your pride, you have to forget whatever it is; you have to forget the platform or the brand that you represent and you have to hustle; you have to make money because if you die…

“I started getting so depressed at home, crazy thoughts that I can’t even talk about, but at the end of the day I felt, if you kill yourself…” Olawale said in the Instagram video.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (entertainment)

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