Protesters Light Candles At Presidential Villa Gate To Honour Fallen Heroes

A civil society group, under the auspices of Free Nigeria Movement (FNM), has staged a peaceful rally in Abuja.

The protesters carried banners with various inscriptions such as ‘The Revolution is Here’; ‘Democracy in Danger’; ‘We Rise to Save our Nation’, among others, and marched from the Unity Fountain to the Presidential Villa gate, where they lighted candles in honour of Nigeria’s fallen heroes.

Addressing the protesters on Tuesday, Dare Ariyo, Co-Convener of the group, said the motive behind the procession was aimed saving the nation from the “precipice of hopelessness and anarchy”.

According to Ariyo, Nigeria’s democracy is in danger.

His words: “Human rights abuses, clampdown on free press, conscienceless assaults on the judiciary and obscene display of executive recklessness are fast becoming the order of the day in our nation, even as power mongers enlist terror to turn Nigeria into a fascist enclave. The plan is to make everyone live in fear and become subservient, except for them and their families and cronies.

“Unfortunately, our nation is gripped by insecurity of unimaginable proportion. The nation has lost count of people being held by kidnappers. There is now a serious concern-fatigue in the land. Our security architecture has barely collapsed, while intelligence has been heavily compromised. Our soldiers, police and security agents are dying needlessly because of enemies within.

In his remarks on the trial of Walter Onnoghen, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), he said: “We know that for the detractors, anyone who fails to fester their wicked and partisan interests, must be destroyed. It is obvious that the plan is to redefine our nation under the rule of man and not rule of law. They want it become a law, whatever they say irrespective of what the constitution or court may say. The repeated disobedience of court orders and abuse of judicial process by the powers that be is a disservice to our democracy”.

Lamenting the increase in human rights abuses and the violations of rights to free assembly, association, and free speech, the group called on Mohammed Adamu, the acting Inspector General of Police, to “return the police to the path of professionalism and integrity”.

“Nigerians deserve a democratic Police that serves and protects the people and is accountable to the people, rather than a regime police that is a law unto itself and only serves and protects regime interest,” he added.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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