Queen Nana Mohammad, Donates, Flash out A Pet Project at Hope Survival Orphanage Gishiri – Abuja.

The queen of north central in the face of Arewa 2018 contest in Abuja, visited the Hope Survival Orphanage at Gishiri. This is as result of tip off and recent needs assessment conducted. Queen Nana Mohammad and her team were warmly received by a team of staff,and the orphans. According to her words, she cannot express her gratitude being her first visit to donate food stuff and toiletries.

In Queen Nana’s interactions with the Orphanage Administrator, Mr. Cephas Thaddeus Maintained that most of the children under his care came in through the social welfare unit under the Ministry of Women Affairs, enumerated as follows; that those who came in through various other means have been duly registered with the unit under the ministry.

· Since the inception totaling about 16 years ago, the orphanage ascribed to the Grace of God and eminent support of well-meaning Nigerians, committed to boosting and sustaining the welfare of the children.

· Not of all 50+ children are in school, the challenges being the orphanage unable afford school fees.

· The children are in nursery, primary to secondary schools. Regrettably, most suffer from school fees payments. Yearly, quite several them apply and awaiting admission. They are always faced with school fees payments.

· Nigerians need to come to the aid of these children; in the area of their education to assist these children achieve their dreams.

In response, Queen Nana acknowledged receipt at short notice observed

“Most homes are in a deplorable dilapidated condition; we will appreciate if government can really look into these people and provide an adequate accommodation for them or support the individuals already in it to make the place habitable and comfortable. When such are done in a structure like this, measurable outcome is inevitable. Hence, advancing taking away folks from the street and keeping the once here more habitable, giving to a healthy society, caring for its people.

The queen enumerated her desire to actualize the followings as funds come available in the shortest possible time:

  • School fees and common entrance payments;
  • Engage NYSC medical practitioners to volunteer in monthly orphanage vital signs program;
  • Collection signatures/names and comments/donations into book publication;
  • Purchase van and bus for secured convenience and non-medical transportations to functions: site seeing, parks, zoo, escorting, meet/ greet dignitaries, and celebrities and visit military and paramilitary agencies, legislators, and politicians and for school services;
  • Do a photo directory of the for-proxy adoptive parents;
  • Organize artists/bands entertain orphans at all festive periods and
  • Orphans meet and greet celebrities and politicians.

The Face of Arewa – North Central, Queen Nana Mohammad said,

“Honestly, l am more than and will to partner with all and sundries with a maximum interest in the most vulnerable in the societies not limited to people with developmental disabilities. As we journey together a school of developmental disability will be established, which will signify my dream come true.”

“Our politicians must step up and are highly recommended to partake in the services we will be offering. All interested are advised to sign up for monthly donations, and no amount is too small any token contributions will go a long way to bring consistent primary benefit the less privileged. This service extends to existing orphanages and meet on behalf of adoptive parents.”

Queen Nana Mohammad recapitulating the future with present day needs

“The adoption project is not mandatory necessarily for adoption in your matrimonial home, except if willing to do so but otherwise, it’s to provide necessary and financial care to them at their respective facilities and locations. Video callings within both parties we be allowed, to promote effective communications and gain a better understanding of both parties.”

“Transparency and accountability are not compromised, leading to online access, and hard copy quarterly reports will be made available to all those who partake in the adoption processes. To frequently to meet adopted persons, adoptive parents must undergo and pass a quarterly background check.”

“All women intending to marry should consider adoption, to significantly gain a very a good understanding of children and family life cycle.”

“Applicable forms are available for completion, including confidentiality, privacy acts, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in compliance with Nigerian Laws. All this informationis being uploaded to our website: https://queennana1001.wixsite.com/mysite .”

Francis John, HOPe Africa – Kansas City, MO. – +1.816.359.8527


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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