Re FBI Investigates Buharl's Aide Over $10.5 Million Wire Fraud

Re FBI Investigates Buharl’s Aide Over $10.5 Million Wire Fraud

Re FBI Investigates Buharl’s Aide Over $10.5 Million Wire Fraud

By Gregory University Uturu

Our attention has been drawn to a mallicious article credited to Pointblanknews with an equally libelous title ‘FBI Investigates Buharl’s Aide Over $10.5 mllllon Wire Fraud, Nl 7bllllon in safe Keep at Gregory University’.”

We therefore wish to state without equivocution that the insinuations of the said article are “scandalous, ludicrous,baseless,unfounded and at best a figment of the warped imagination of the fictitious writer, intended to mislead the public while attempting to ridicule, lampoon and malign credible and reputable public figures and organizations.”

“To set the records straight,we hereby state as follows;”

l.That Gregory University Uturu is a responsible and responsive stakeholder cum private sector

“key player In the education family, licensed by the federal government in 2012 to partner government in providing entrepreneurial enlightenment to the public and further recognised in 2017as host institution for the Presldential Amnesty Programme(PAP),”

2 That since the commencement of the PAP in our school, we have remained committed to the

“enshrined ideals or the exercise, as encapsulated in the desire to reorient, empower and reintegrate Niger Delta youths into the mainstream of the larger society.”

3.That all tuition fees for the PAP delegates posted to our school are made by the Amnesty Programme office via a dedicated university bank account.which for transparency purposes remain in full view of Interested stakeholders.

4.That to the best of our knowledge, the universitv is not under anv form of lnvegation by FBI and therefore we hereby classify the publication as fake news.

5.That we therefore demand immediate retraction of the said publication by the promoters of “Polntblanknews within 8 hours of this release, failure of which our Lawyers will have no other option than to commence litigation processes against the publishers for lilbel.”

Prof. Augustine Uwakwe
Vice Chancellor (Ag.)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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