Rejoinder: I Stand With Sonnie Ekwowusi

I have argued through my numerous writings and at public forums that the major problem of Nigeria is not corruption but the imperialist and neo-colonialist agenda of the liberal west which is being foisted on the world’s most populous black nation. This is not to opine explicitly or implicitly that I back corruption in any way. The act is evil and destructive but the way it is fought is akin to a gargantuan comedy of errors.

A clear example will suffice: A Nigerian leader or ruler embezzles public funds and stashes it away abroad. The western country accepts it even though in law the receiver of a stolen good is called a fence and is equally as culpable as the culprit. A blind eye is turned to this since Africa’s money is needed to further develop the west especially since their fertility is fast declining and their population is an ageing one. The same west through the instrumentality of the Bretton Woods Institutions – World Bank and IMF pile pressure on Nigerian and African leaders to yank off subsidy from two critical sectors of the economy: healthcare and education. The removal leads to a massive brain drain which has culminated in the present illegal migration crisis where Nigerians are now being deported in droves. It was hypocritical for David Cameron to call us fantastically corrupt when the United Kingdom is a prime beneficiary of financial corruption.

Imperialism as evinced by the pro LGBT+ and abortion agenda is the root cause of Nigeria and Africa’s crisis. Let us cast our minds back to 2012 when Obama and Cameron threatened hitherto independent States with the removal of foreign aid. They made a mockery of our Sovereignty by attempting to interfere in our domestic affairs. Can African leaders influence policies made in Washington, London or Paris? What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander!

Renowned Conservative public affairs commentator and lawyer, Barrister Sonnie Ekwowusi wrote an expose on April 12, 2017 in the Thisday newspapers which he captioned ‘Sexualisation of Children: Matters Arising.’ He revealed that the curricula of the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria have been defiled to accommodate sex-related textbooks and English literature books aimed at surreptitiously sexualising unsuspecting pupils and students. Many parents who put their nose to the grindstone in their efforts to give the best education to their children were shocked and scandalized that their children were being turned into sexual guinea pigs by some agents of the western liberals who are hell bent on doing the sinister bidding of their Oliver Twist like paymasters.

The eye opening article revealed that former Ekiti State First Lady, Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi and Oby Nwankwo, lawyer and gender rights activist who also doubles as the Exceutive Director of the Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre are spearheading the campaign that Nigerian teenagers be allowed to express their ‘sexual rights’ as contained in the Comprehensive Sexuality Education. In Mrs. Nwankwo words ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education is being taught in Nigerian schools but people with warped ideas are blocking it from schools especially Christian schools and this is why we are losing our children to unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.’ The irony is that at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61) held in New York from March 13 – 24 2017, the African Group which included Nigeria rejected comprehensive sexuality education. Nwankwo shamelessly led a protest against the rejection. The leader of the Nigerian delegation, Princess Joan Jummai Idonije and some other noble women reminded her that the so called sexuality education aggressively promotes homosexuality and lesbianism but that didn’t cut the ice with the former magistrate whom thankfully didn’t make it to the bench in her twenty-years of being in the Anambra state judiciary.

Let us critically examine some aspects of the harmful ‘comprehensive sexuality education.’ Students in an open classroom are expected to respond to ‘I like you’ by touching each other’s genitals. The pupils are also expected to touch each other’s private parts and find out the differences in their respective private organs. In the toolkit funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and some other UN agencies which is being used in some secondary schools, page 59 of the guide requires the students to give their peers a list of sexual terms which includes ‘vagina’, ‘breasts’, ‘orgasm’, ‘masturbation,’ ‘pleasure’. On page 61, the youth facilitators are told to share with other youths whom they feel more sexually comfortable with and their views on sexual fantasies and oral sex. They are also asked whether they enjoy erotic material and have fantasied about homosexual relationships. Page 75 talks about a condom and penis relay race.

How low has the heart of men sunk all in their morbid bid to acquire material possessions that they will painfully leave behind when the inevitable happens! Nwankwo and the so called Erelu (a mockery of that beloved title) see nothing wrong in subjecting impressionable and starry-eyed teenagers to the twin evils of premarital sex and homosexuality. Nwankwo is obviously living up to her 2012 election as a committee member of the United Nations Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) which backs radical feminist agendas.

Why can’t these ‘international development and gender experts’ deploy their energies to advocating for curriculum materials that will make teenagers become more aware of their inner self? Why can’t they churn out literature that will make Nigerian youths more self-reliant to stem the tide of the ever rising youth unemployment?

The Federal and State Ministries of education should pay closer attention to the books that get into the curriculum as most of the books from the liberal west do more harm than good.

It will be a double tragedy if some of these education ministry officials are complicit in their collusion with our neo-colonialist overlords.

Zik of Africa largely spearheaded the struggle against colonial in his early thirties; African youths must rise up to continue from where the illustrious nationalist stopped in resisting imperialism which has sadly kept this ‘Giant’ crawling on her knees since 1960 when the Union Jack was lowered.

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SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (opinions)