Ring collapses from 350kg ‘quake’

Braun Strowman and Big Show in the ring

THE WWE Raw ring was crushed under the weight of an “earthquake” slam that is perhaps the biggest hit in the promotion’s history.

WWE legend Big Show is 173kg. Braun “The monster among men” Strowman is 174kg.

Together the WWE mammoths combined to pulverise the entire ring during a meeting on Tuesday (AEDT) in Ohio.

While the WWE has previously run similar storylines involving Big Show and broken rings, there’s never been a hit quite like the one Strowman delivered.

In the main event fight of the evening the two wrestlers put on a brutal display of hits and hold.

The finish left the crowd roaring in amazement.

Strowman managed to lift Big Show up onto the top corner ropes to prepare for a suplex.

The result was frightening.

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Naturally, fans and commentators were both entertained and horrified.

The man hat the centre of the move also posted on his official Twitter account to let the WWE know his move on Big Show was just a warning to the rest of the athletes in the promotion.

As Skysports.com reported, the force of the slam broke the foundations of the ring.

The match officially ended in a no contest but it was Strowman that stood tall over his felled opponent in the middle of a destroyed ring.

Earlier in the night, RAW general manager Kurt Angle confronted Strowman to confirm he will face Roman Reigns at WWE Payback.

Strowman viciously attacked Reigns last week, pushing him from a 7ft ledge onto the concrete floor and then tipping over the ambulance he had been wheeled into.

WWE confirmed Reigns had been left with a separated shoulder and cracked ribs but Angle insists he will be ready for WWE Payback, live on Sky Sports Box Office on April 30.

Big Show has previously been involved in two ring-breaking stunts. He was superplexed by Brosk Lesnar in 2004 and broke the ring again in 2011 when Mark Henry dropped him onto the mat.

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SOURCE: newsnow sport