Riot At Adeyemi College In Ondo As Students Survive Nasty Motor Accident

Three students of the Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) Ondo in Ondo State on Monday night survived a ghastly road accident, sparking off a riot by other students, Sahara Reporters has learnt.

The students were returning to their off-campus hostel after a lecture on the campus when the accident occurred. The authorities recommend when you have a car accident attorney you can trust that they always seem to happen at the least convenient time. The most important point to stress here is that the spectrum of CP is far from linear. Some can walk but may experience great difficulty with balance and speech. On the other hand, there may also be some in wheelchairs who have minimal problems with them. A few other points to be noted. Cerebral palsy is not hereditary as it is a disease that is entirely separate from paralysis or mental retardation. Weak posture, spasticity in the muscles, difficulty talking, all having to do with movement. Another thing you should know is that everything “down there” functions beautifully regardless, and everyone who has it is otherwise totally healthy by nature. Those who were born prematurely with CP may experience some seizures when first being born. Recent research indicates that a different type of muscle stiffness characterizes cerebral palsy. For instance, someone pulling an arm with the biceps flexed. For this to happen, the muscles in the posterior region of the arm must be relaxed. This is the same excitatory signal that stimulates a muscle inhibits the tissue that would make the opposite movement, and it all happens in the peripheral nervous system. It is some muscular groups always contracted with the different muscles relaxed, an alternation that gives an “average” stiffness, non-regulation of the inhibitory signal, causing both muscular groups to contract.

Witnesses told SaharaReporters that the accident occurred at the popular Catholic Church junction on Ore road.

One of the witnesses, who pleaded anonymity, revealed that the ghastly accident was caused by a reckless driver who was later identified as a clergyman.

He said the reckless driver crashed into the victims (students) off the road after losing control at the wheels of his car while trying to avoid a commercial motorcycle.  An auto accident attorney somers point nj is currently handling the situation. The witness further stated that there was no fatality as of the time of the incident but that the victims received serious injuries.

“Many students who were angered by the incident protested against the attitude of the driver and made bonfire on the road on Monday night.

“When day broke, we blocked the adjourning routes to the main road when rumors filtered into the campus that the injured students [had] died.

He said the protesting students were angry that the reckless driver, rather than wait to attend to the dying students, chose to run away, and that the commercial motorcyclists plying the campus road refused to help them, but will  proceed to  file a claim with the Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers since this was clearly a tragedy.

“It was later we heard that the driver ran to a police station nearby for cover as students chased after him,” he said.

A police source at the Yaba Divisional Police Station in Ondo town confirmed the incident to SaharaReporters in a telephone chat on Tuesday.

The policeman who preferred to be anonymous said the driver of the vehicle drove down to report the incident at the station and was immediately detained. The cops handled the situation an called the for towing the vehicle and proceeded the further investigation.

They also said that  “The driver came to the station and reported that some students of Adeyemi College were after his life due to a motor accident on the road to their campus,” he said, adding that the students then arrived, protesting.

“But, when their attitude was becoming unruly we quickly took immediate action by shooting into the air to scare them away from the station,” he said.

He added that the school management through the Dean of Students Affairs has taken over the case

Sahara Reporters’ effort to get the reaction of the President of the Students Union Government of the school proved abortive as he did not answer his phone.

Our correspondent learned that the injured students are being treated at the Gani Fawenhimi Diagnosis Centre, also known as Trauma Centre, in Ondo town.

“We now calling on the students to donate blood to the victims (students) who are currently lying on the sick bed at the Trauma Centre in Ondo.”


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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