Rochasa�� megalomania has killed Imo APC

The last Julio-Claudian Emperor of ancient Rome and thus the 5th Roman Emperor, Nero (Claudius Caesar Germanicus, AD 37-68), is one of the most popular primordial megalomaniacs in Western documented history. As an adopted son of an incestuous marriage (between Emperor Claudius I and his niece, Agrippina Junior, the mother of Nero), Neroa��s name was changed at 17 years. He married his step-fathera��s daughter, Octavia, poisoned his step brother Britainnicus, the son of Emperor Claudius I, and 22 years later, in 59AD he murdered both his mother and wife because they criticised his mistress, Poppaea Sabina, whom he married in 62 AD. In 64AD, he set two-third of Rome ablaze because he had fantasy to build a new Rome, and later accused the early Christians as responsible, and thus persecuted them. He later poisoned the man that made him Emperor, Burrus and executed his teacher, Seneca in 65AD, both being his life tutors. He fled Rome early 68AD and committed suicide on June 9, 68AD.Henryk Sienkiewieza��s Christian novel, which is acted on stage as Quo Vadis (Where Are You Going?), vivifies this megalomania to irritation as it is happening in Imo State today.

Megalomania is power drunkenness, a greed for power, and thus an excessive enjoyment in having power over other people and a craving for more of it, as well as the monstrous show of its importance. Prof Wole Soyinka in his The Man Died called megalomaniacs a�?power drunka�� and in his Play of the Giants, he declared that a�?power calls for power, and vicarious power (that is, the sort enjoyed by the politically impotent intelligentsia) responds obsequiously to the real thing),a�? and thus another version of Lord Athona��s saying that a�?power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely). It qualifies the Psalmist declaration that a�?in his riches, man lacks wisdom; he is like the beasts that are destroyeda�? and the Biblical Wisdom Literature added that a�?the sickness of a proud man is incurable,a�? that is Rochasa�� megalomania!

What the Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is displaying today is nothing but megalomania, a trait that typifies products of Berkshire (England) Sandhurst Royal Military, and its equivalents (US Military Academy, West Point and la��A�cole Special Militaire at CoA�tquidan of France),where world-class tyrants especially the dictatorial African leaders: President for Life- Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, Emperor for Life (ex) Jean Baptiste Bokassa of the Central African Republic, Life President (ex) Mobutu Sese Koko of Congo Kinshasa, Life President and (ex) Field-Marshal El-Haji Dr Idi Amin of Uganda, Col M. Ghadaffi, and the Nigerian Maximum Ruler (ex) President General Sani Abacha, as well as Pinochet, Galtieri, Pol Pot, da��Aubuisson, Fidel Castro, etc, all received their megalomaniac morale, and returned to Africa and South America to practice and politicize their upbringing. Most modern Nigerian and African democrats and politicians passed through same Sandhurst school through online studies and brief journeys overseas to the Schools. Megalomaniacs have no room for morality in politics, do not believe in fairness in politics, and thus believe in the Machiavellian principles of a�?the end justifies the meansa�� for power and politics, and in this political lineage Emperor Nero Rochas belongs as nascent patron.

Governor Okorocha has displayed this attitude in diverse dimensions, especially in his: a�?Ndi agburu anyia�� party politics, familiocracy (which typified the ancient Julio-Claudian Roman Emperors), the Governor-for-Life (of the Okorochas and in-laws, house maids and aides), the privation of APC to personal property (which is evil, as Boethius and St Augustine of Hippo defined evil as privatio boni, as he now uses (Imo) State funds and resources to finance his life-Governorship ambition in the State with the election of his son-in-law, which ultimate aim is to ensure that his daughter packs into her mothera��s room in the Government House as First Lady of the State, after the present First Lady Nkechi Okorocha. This is Rochasa�� main target. What he is doing with Imo APCa��s 305 Wards Excos and top party chieftains in the State, is nothing short of megalomania, and confirms what Ola Rotimi wrote in his drama, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again. The megalomania like madness is seasonal and blossoms much when the moon reaches to its fullness. Try to observe this!

They are nothing short of megalomania, take time to analyze what and how Governor Okorocha has paddled the issue of party delegates and Exco lists since 2017 till this weekend. By 2 years ago, these present foul-crying Imo APC chieftains were busy plotting the list for Okorocha, and little did they know that he was scheming to enthrone her daughter by virtue of Uche Nwosua��s election and therein fulfills his boast in 2016 that he will make a record at Douglas House that in the next 100 years, none can make or break.

When the now stranded Prince Henry Okafor (aspirant for Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta/Oru West Fed House) was drumbeating the a�?Show Us the Man,a�? he knew who it was, but pretended ignorant. The revelation came early when the apex leaders of Owerri Municipal LGA like the fable tortoise, paid Gov Okorocha the first endorsement courtesy visit on the man after his heart. Out of greed, he became hilarious and could not decipher their mission. Trust Owerri Municipal politicians, they can plot you green and at the centre of the show unveil your darkest colour. That is why I duff my cap for the Owerri clans in Owerri North LGA. They are self-principled, and call black, black and have no time for deceits, tricks and pranks. Study the plainness of mind of the likes of Emmanuel Iheanacho, Martin and Jude Agbaso, Jude Ejiogu, Chima Anozie, to mention but a few, they are men of principles, and wouldna��t have put Okorocha into the first temptation that made him unveil the hidden man so early, and thus burst the fire of the present revolution.

Okorocha is a megalomaniac! Which Governor in modern time has acted as Emperor Nero like him? Whoever began life with him has been eliminated because of his a�?Mistress,a�? Ugwumba Poppaea Sabina Uche Nwosu, who he will surely kick to death politically at the end of his rule in Imo State like Nero did to Poppaea. Join me in your own roll call of Governor Okorochaa��s use and dump politics. You may begin with yourself, your friend and neighbour, then join them to these recent ones.

Like Emperor Claudius, Martin Agbaso adopted him, gave him his younger brother to marry politically, and he executed him at the urging of his a�?Mistressa�� who he trades now as the only politician that can rule Imo, as if without Uche Nwosu, no other politician is capable of ruling Imo. Rochas is now both the measurer and the measurement of political fitness in Imo State- Megalomania! He ruined Martin Agbaso like Nero poisoned his step-brother Britainnicus, he has burnt two-third of Imo APC like Nero did the ancient Rome, and is now accusing Gbujie, Madumere, Ejiogu, Araraume and Ololo, etc, like Emperor Nero did to the early Christians. Like Nero, he changed Imo APCa��s name to Rescue Mission, and whoever is not called or known by it (and thus NDI AGBURU ANYI), is not genuine APC in Imo. He has done Ichie Mbanaso what Nero did to his tutor Burrus, and stepped on Archbishop Obinna, his philosopher, as Nero did to Seneca.

But history is cyclic wherever ideologies and schools of thoughts are lived out in replica. As he practises the Sandhurst tyranny and megalomania of Fidel Castro, Mobutu, Id Amin, etc, at the end of his rule, he will flee Imo like Nero did. Immediately after the Congress, it will dawn on him that the people are totally against him, even those he trusted most. Whoever he fixes as his surest in the delegates lists that succeed, will abandon him for the best in Owerri zone. He fooled the State party chairman he now urges like a kid not to join others. He made him carry his bag containing Imo Excosa�� list, which the APC State Chairman and the bag-carriera��s name was removed. He treated him like Mobutu did the Congolese disabled (who he gathered and carried in helicopter), promising to transform their lives, only to throw them from above sea level into the famous River Congo, as best way of alleviating their life plights.

Rochas megalomania has killed Imo APC. It has made it a war zone, than political party. Today, the governorship aspirants in Imo APC are divided into three sets. There is the Uche Nwosu group that uses State funds for megalomania. There is the Home Base group that assumes APC pacifist and neutral gubernatorial group. There is the Araraume/Others group, who have vowed to give Okorocha the toughest battle of his life. That is why if you go to Ugwumba megalomaniac group, Araraume and others are obstacles to their Governor-for-Life project and they plot on how to block all the delegates in an unlevel play ground and how to get them, (they boast to buy them with money like kids). If you go to Araraume/Others group (Jude Ejiogu, Eze Madumere, Chuks Ololo, Peter Gbujie, Ifeanyi Araraume, etc), Uche Nwosu and his in-law, Emperor Bokassa Rochas, are their problem, not the electorates and how to get them, but how to block Rochas from getting his scheming succesful. If you go to Home Base (Barr Chima Anozie) group, neither Ugwumba nor Araraume/Others is their problem, but how to reconcile Imo APC to ensure unity and synergy against opposition parties come 2019, how to get delegates and convince Imo electorates to vote APC, and thus ensure that after Governor Okorocha, APC still rules the State.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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