Rochas Okorocha's Biggest Blunder Emeka Ihedioha Should Avoid _(Part 3)

Rochas Okorocha’s Biggest Blunder Emeka Ihedioha Should Avoid _(Part 3)

Rochas Okorocha’s Biggest Blunder Emeka Ihedioha Should Avoid _(Part 3)

The immediate past Governor of Imo State and currently, the Senator representing Imo West otherwise known as Orlu Zone, Chief Rochas Okorocha committed several blunders that will be difficult to forget over earthly vanities.

In my part one and two of this article, emphasis was made as to how Chief Okorocha out of greed and selfishness ended up bringing his defunct dynasty to a halt. This he made through the coinage of a political bardadash known as “ndi agburu Rochas”.

Owing to the numerous political blunders of Chief Okorocha, the plight of Pensioners and Civil Servants in the state were wickedly and lackadaisically ignored…why?

Because Chief Okorocha preferred playing politics with the Pensioners to reviving and rescuing them at the point of their needs, a good number of the senior citizens passed out mysteriously when their conditions would have been managed if attention was paid.

What manner of man is Chief Okorocha who preferred rhetorics and grandstanding to genuine and sincere rescue of the citizens? As a matter of fact, Chief Okorocha is neither a good party man nor a serious leader, but only interested in what would benefit him, his family and relatives.

No wonder Aristotle says that while a good leader pays less attention to his personal interest, a bad servant converts his master’s food to himself. This is indeed the drama Chief Okorocha acted during eight years he served as Governor.

Come to think of it, Chief Okorocha’s most obvious blunder has to do with his insatiable quest for lands, buildings and other frivolities. In as much as Chief Okorocha has business ventures in virtually every street of Owerri, I am not unaware that known of these businesses scattered across the state flourishes, why?

Because my father always tell us that whatever that is gotten by the side of a pot, goes to the side of the mouth. This is the biggest Karma that has bedeviled the Ideato born former Governor.

While the government of Okorocha hit rock is because of his administration’s inability to pay pensioners as at when due, this I believe will force Governor Ihedioha to learn from his predecessor’s mistakes.

Governor Ihedioha should avoid insatiable quest for property acquisition especially, conversion of people’s land to personal use as in the case of his predecessor. He must learn and adopt modern techniques of paying pensioners without engaging them into untold hardship as witnessed in the past administration.

Yes Governor Ihedioha can be mean in the discharge of his duties, but he must be careful with workers’ salaries and other necessary entitlements due to them. As it is said that no matter how the wind blows, the mountain never succumbs, Governor Ihedioha should avoid allowing his personal interest to override the general interest of the masses.

This was a notable blunder committed by the past government, a situation where market levies, parks, sand dredging, road roofing contracts and transportation businesses in the state were hijacked by one family is nothing but a designed ploy to milk the state dry.

This is what Governor Ihedioha should avoid before he can woo people like us to buy into his ideologies for a better Imo. He should bear in mind that as we monitored Chief Okorocha’s government and uncovered several irregularities, we have as well positioned our searchlight on his administration to find out how his first hundred days in office will look like.

Ikenna ONUOHA is a Media and Public Relations Consultant. He is the State Publicity Secretary, Imo Concerned Citizens (ICC)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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