Rotary Club Screen, Test Nigerians On Hepatitis

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

To cut short the scourge of hepatitis B and C, a disease when developed causes cancer of the liver, the=-0rotary clubs of Asaba Metropolitan, government house and Government Reserved Area (GRA), have teamed up in an awareness campaign geared towards eradicating the scourge.

Speaking at the weekend during the event held in the popular Ogbegonogo Market, along Nnebisi road, Asaba, the Assistant Governor, Zone 11, Rotarian Chinedu Osadebe, revealed that hepatitis B has turned into a killer disease, “if you have it and you don’t know, it is worse than if you have it and you know”.

He said the test is aimed at letting people know their status, “but if they have it, we refer them to any hospital close to them. We will also go to those communities in our catchment areas to talk about it just as we did during polio”.

Also, Assistant Governor Zone 10, comprising Asaba Metropolitan, Asaba east and Asaba main, Rotarian Ire Utieyione Edema, hinted “the clubs are contributing their quota to inform the people on their status. By so doing, they will get the right treatment”

Hear her: “the scourge of hepatitis B and C is getting worse like HIV/AIDS in Nigeria”, she lamented.

Statistics revealed that about 14 million Nigerians suffers from the disease while 100, 000 dies annually.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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