Saudi Rejects UN Report On Khashoggi Killing, Says Claims Unfounded

Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Wednesday, described the report presented by the UN special rapporteur as unfounded and contradictory. 

In a Twitter post, Jubeir said the report was a compilation of what was already available in the media.

“It is not new. The (UN) report reiterates what has already been published and circulated in the media.

“The report… contains clear contradictions and unfounded allegations, casting doubt on its credibility,” he stated.

The kingdom’s version of the story as told to reporters by Shalaan Shalaan, its deputy prosecutor in November 2018 is that the murder was ordered by the head of a “negotiations team” sent to Istanbul, Turkey, by the Saudi deputy intelligence chief to coerce Khashoggi to return to the kingdom from his self-imposed exile.

Shalaan added that investigators concluded that Khashoggi was forcibly restrained after a struggle and injected with a large amount of a drug which resulted in an overdose that led to his death. 

His body was then dismembered and handed over to a local “collaborator” outside the consulate, he revealed.

In December 2018, American intelligence agencies, published an intercepted communication, which revealed that Crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the next in line to the Saudi throne wanted Khashoggi lured by to the kingdom by force. 

Salman had said in September 2017 that he would go after Khashoggi with a ‘bullet’ if he could not be enticed back from his self-imposed exile.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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