Senate Vs Ali Debacle: Group Hails Sahara Reporters's Investigation, Says More Revelations Await Nigerians

After reading the investigative report by Sahara Reporters on why our

Senators are harassing Col. Hameed Ali-led Customs Service on a

disguised and trivial issue like the wearing of Uniform why concealing

the main issue from Nigerians, we are happy that the truth which is

part of our earlier claim is begining to come out.
In our two press releases, we queried why our Senators abondoned the

job of law making they are been paid fat salaries for trivial issues

like the wearing of uniform?
The Sahara Reporters story on how Col. Ali’s decision to impound on a

Bullet-Proof Range Rover SUV worth N298 million belonging to the

Senate President, Senator Saraki stirred the hornet’s nest has

vindicated our claims.
Our second claim will be revealed to Nigerians next week despite the

mouting pressure.
Mr. Brown Justice,
New Mandate Movement.
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Source: The Nigerian Voice