Single most unattractive thing men can do during sex

A study has shed light on the worst thing men can do in bed!

The new report, entitled ‘Do women’s orgasms function as a masculinity achievement?’, reveals that, for many women, there are few things worse than a boastful sexual partner

The study explores how manly men feel after having sex with a woman, and reveals how men can hijack a woman’s orgasm to inflate their own ego.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, shows that a large number of men base their own masculinity on how good they are in bed.

It also turns out that men love to boast about their own performance, making a woman’s orgasm all about them.

The study authors note that such boastings are evidence of insecurity among such men.

“Men who are more insecure about their masculinity are more likely to base their worth on their sexual performance,” the study notes.

The study asked 810 men to discuss their sexual habits, and rate how masculine they feel after their women achieve orgasm.

It emerged that men who are concerned about their own masculinity are more likely to base their self-worth on their performance in the bedroom.

The authors conclude that the ego boost which men feel after sex is likely to put women off, “since bedroom boasting is hardly a turn on for most women.”

Source: punch