So Cute: Actor, Samuel Lee Goes all Romantic with Mother

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Hmm, aside seeing these Nollywood actors go romantic in movies with other ladies, it is also good to see them do same at home especially either with their wives or mothers just like actor, Samuel Lee.

As a way of celebrating mother’s day, the actor took out to acknowledged the things his mum has done for him and his younger ones since giving birth to them especially with her prayers which has served a s a guide.

The actor, went ahead to show that even with the most expensive clothes in his wardrobe, he does not mind putting on the gound for his mother to walk on as he personally gave his mother manicure with his expensive suit.

“Happy Mothers Day to you Mom and all Mothers celebrating today!! I Love U all. I grew up with a Mom, an Evangelist, A Prayer Warrior and a Virtuous Woman who taught me HUMILITY!! Thank You Ma. Your Prayers brought me here. You are definitely the Hen who hatched the Famous Duck. Trust Me, I will always be there for you as your Husband and Ur Son. Bless you.”

Source: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)