Socialist Party of Nigeria Receives INEC Certificate of Registration, Vows To Liberate Nigerians From Economic Hardship

The Independent National Electoral Commission  (INEC) has presented the certificate of registration to the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN ) as the party promised to liberate Nigerians from the economic hardship inflicted on them by President Muhammadu Buhari led government. 

Presenting the certificate to the National Secretary of the party at the headquarters of the commission in Abuja on Monday,  the National Commissioner and members of Election and Party Monitoring, Alh. Baba Shetima Arfo who congratulated the party on the milestone achievement. 

Responding on behalf of the party, the Deputy National Chairperson (South West) of the party, Abiodun Bamigboye described the registration of SPN of the political party as historic adding that this is coming after four years of legal and political struggle to get the association registered. 

He noted that the registration of the party has demonstrated that a better Nigeria is possible, that social transformation of Nigeria is feasible if workers, youths and students can be united in the struggle for a better Nigeria. 

” Many people thought that is not possible for workers and students to form a party of their own. When we started this journey in 2013, it was as if it will not come to pass but today we are happy because the victory is here “

He explained that eighteen years after the return to democratic rule, it is a shame that our electoral system is accidental. 

According to him ” The agenda is to bar workers and the poor from having a political voice. But SPN believes that politics should not be for the rich and corrupt politicians alone. Hence, the  SPN will continue in alliance with the labour movement and civil society organisations to campaign for the full democratisation of the electoral process “

He added that it is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Nigeria and is coming at a period when Nigerians are yearning to be rescued from the clutches of the Buhari/Osinbajo All Progressives Congress (APC) capitalist government which has succeeded over the last three years in subjecting  Nigerians to harrowing hardship, pains,  tears and sorrow. 

Bamigboye stated that the country is in need of an emergency program of job creation tied to a socialist economic plan that will ensure that huge numbers of graduates and non-graduates are employed. 

“The public health sector is in terrible shape.  As a result of many Nigerians are dying daily from treatable ailments. 5 years after privatisation of the power sector, Nigerian remain in darkness.  Despite the propaganda, cost of governance remains high while corruption remains the bedrock of governance. To make matters worse, this government cannot even guarantee availability of fuel at affordable prices and yet it calls itself a government of change”

He reiterated the readiness of the party to play a major role in the forthcoming elections both in the states as well as 2019 general elections as a credible political alternative for all those who are disenchanted with the status quo who desire a different kind of politics. 


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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