Some People are just irresponsible in Using Social Media…Comedienne, Lepacious Bose

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Following the arrest of King of Kidnappers, Evans, recently by the Nigeria Police, Nigerians have been airing various views with comedian, Lepacious Bose stepping in.

The comedian after listening to the kidnapper’s confession on how he gets his contacts which are from social media, she pointed out that despite the whole confession, there are some people that will never learn.

She slammed people that go about updating their social media telling people what they are up to and what they are doing at every point in time.

“I heard that the arrested King of kidnappers confessed that he gets all the information he needs for any kidnap from Facebook! That all he needs to do is have a good look at the victims profile, close friends and family pictures and all the information is set. From children school uniform to people abroad taking pics that they are on the way to Nigeria and family network on fb, Hmmm….some information people post and display on Fb/IG etc is enough for you to start getting ideas. Some People are just irresponsible when it comes to the social media.

“They openly post Place of work, home address, private phone number, parents’ names, children’s names, children’s school, pics, only thing remaining is pin number and password. My favorite is those who post with their exact location stated in real time lol…..i can actually track some people and tell you exactly where to find them via social media activities. It’s like making yourself a bait to the lions in the jungle……and those who are in okota/mowe etc who edit their location to state lekki, VGC, eko hotel even Dubai etc we know una too lol….. Easy target you are!! Do you know the implication of what you are doing? I know someone that was kidnapped last year, the first thing the kidnappers showed him was his STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT, how did they get it or know his worth?”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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