Sowore Visits Google, Promises Diaspora Inclusion In Cabinet

Omoyele Sowore, Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the African Action Congress (AAC), has promised to make Nigeria an attractive and formidable technological hub when he is elected as President at the 2019 polls.

He made the comment when he visited the Google headquarters at Mountain View, California, as part of TakeItBack movement’s activities in the effort to explore actionable technological ideas that can be implemented in Nigeria.

“We are here to see technology and how it works,” Sowore said while touring the facility with members of the TakeItBack movement in the Bay Area.

He urged Nigerians to visit Google when they have the opportunity, to get insight into technological innovations and acceptable global best practices.

While inspecting facilities such as a detailed satellite image of Nigeria via Google Earth, Sowore wondered why the Federal Government had not utilised such technology to completely decimate Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest.

As part of the tour, he also visited the Computer History Museum in San Francisco.

Commenting on the tour, Tayo Akin said on Facebook: “Tell me any presidential aspirant that has adopted this dynamic and adventurous style of campaign. Just one person: Omoyele Sowore.”

Another supporter, Adesuyi Ademuyi, commented: “No more analog Presidents!”

In a separate but related development, at a town hall meeting organised by members of the movement in Oakland, California, while responding to a question by Honourable Ifeanyi Okechukwu, former Vice President at Wells Fargo bank, on his plans to harness the intellectual resources of those in the Diaspora to contribute their quota to moving Nigeria forward, Sowore said: “Some aspirants have accused me of coming into this game with an unfair advantage with exactly what you just said; that I have already locked down the capacity and capabilities of people in the Diaspora who are capable of changing Nigeria without asking for a dime.

“We are building a pool of resources that will help us kick-start this government through cabinet appointments, some of which will come from the Diaspora.”


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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