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N150k? No way! People erroneously think they need to spend, borrow or raise a lot of money to start running their own business. False! There are several underserved needs around you that can be tapped into without much capital on your end but skill, planning, and access to the right source for materials. The economy may be facing dark days but there is no reason you can’t thrive.

So whether you want to run a side hustle or immerse yourself fully in becoming your own entrepreneur, here are 7 businesses you can start for N150k and enjoy profitability almost immediately.

1. Cake / Pancake / Cupcake baking and decorating: Baking can earn you a lot of money and if you already know how to bake, it is a great business to start. What you need to give you differentiation is proper flour mixes, creative decorations, cake molds and toppers. “I buy gold dust supplies and themed cupcake holders that I use for birthdays, bridal showers and you those events people like to be creative. Things I can buy for under N1000 for a dozen on Ebay via the MallforAfrica App, goes for N3000 in the local market, that’s if I find it” Hassan, Frosts and Froths.

2. Custom Wig Making and Hair Retailing: This is a very rewarding business with a recurring customer base. Starting with N100k, you can earn returns of up to 4x your initial investment. The main requirement for success is being able to source unique and high quality supplies for wig making at low cost. If reselling is what you are after, you can get ready made wigs, natural hair products and other hair pieces. One of our long standing customers Mide of Mide’s Hair Ng gets her supplies from the US via us. She makes custom wigs and weaves as well as serves the natural hair market with highly sought after products like Shea Moisture, Cantu etc. on Ebony Line Hair Store, and Ebay, which she buys for a 3rd of the price and sells for lower than big super markets and local online retailers.

3. Party Planning and Decorating: “My business picked up when I discovered Party City on the MallforAfrica App. I went from having the same old things that every other party planner and caterer gets from Okearin, to becoming the person to meet in my area, if you wanted a distinctive party theme. I used to admire big planners thinking these things were expensive, until I was introduced to the store and wow! With N65k I decorated two bridal showers and made a lot more than I imagined! I’m now my own boss, quit my 9-5 for this. My best find was customizable mason jars at N200 each, which were the rave of the moment” Uche, Partipaks Showers. Who doesn’t love a good party? Especially Nigerians! Party planning can be overwhelming and this need is business for you to exploit. This is one venture that pays for itself without upfront capital from you, get the customer and pass the cost to them only your creativity is needed. However, you can buy sample products to showcase your capability and attract clients. Instagram is a good place to showcase your business, remember the most inimitable it is, the better an audience you will get.

4. Make Up Artists/ Cosmetics Reselling: Cosmetics is a virtually recession-proof business because it’s an inexpensive way for people to feel good about themselves. You can take your love and knowledge of cosmetics from enthusiast to entrepreneur in many ways. For one in addition to being a makeup artist you can become a blogger and influencer for brands, as well as reselling make up. MallforAfrica gives you access to top brands/stores including Fashion Fair, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, NYX, Becca, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc.

5. Corporate Branding / Gift Hampers: This is a great business that can be your side hustle, the best part is you don’t necessarily need to keep inventory but buy when your customer needs. The MallforAfrica advantage is giving you direct access to top wholesale retailers of promotional items for brands and even unique wedding favours /souvenirs. You can get cups, tshirts, key rings, tumblers for as low as N20 depending on product and quantity.

6. Soap Making and Spa Products: People value handmade items like these especially as they are customizable and make great gift items. Soap making items like essential oils, soap molds in various distinctive designs, perfumes, and packages are available for cheap on MallforAfrica stores such eBay, Overstock and Amazon. You can also place specialized orders on various stores using the custom order feature that is available on MallforAfrica.com “I started making soaps as a necessity after the birth of my son who had certain allergies and needed special organic products, available in the US, that’s how I started with MallforAfrica. Then I turned soap making into a hobby after discovering the many creative ways I could mold soap, never intended to sell it but my husband advised me to after seeing the reception his friends had to the gifts I made out of it.” Aisha, Soap Petal Luxury. For Spa owners we can connect you to Spa_and_Equipment.com and Pure Spa Direct – two of the biggest spa equipment wholesalers.

7. Personal Shopper/Fashion Retailer: This is a great business idea that booms especially around the holiday season (Easter, Ramadan, Eid, and Christmas). Believe it or not, there are everyday people who aren’t comfortable shopping in local malls, but can’t bother with spending time online, either. You don’t necessarily need cash to start, but you’ll need know the best places to get the best deals in real time. The MallforAfrica App has stores that give you direct access to international retailer of brands for just about any taste your client may have. Farfetch is a store on the MFA App that you can get the latest designer brands, on the other end is a store like 6pm.com that gives you brand name shoes and bags for huge discounts at up to 80%! So even if you want to resell, imagine the return on investments. Think about every time your friend, family member, colleague or neighbor has asked you for help making purchases online, you can turn your flair for fashion and superior shopping acumen into a money maker.

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