Star fights tears in emotional interview

Fans sing out for BVB 

Star fights tears in emotional interview

Champions League: Monaco fans join Borussia Dortmund fans in singing you’ll never walk alone before the rescheduled UCL clash.

Nuri Sahin had to fight back tears as he was asked about the bomb on the Borussia Dortmund team bus

Tom SheenThe Sun

BORUSSIA DORTMUND star Nuri Sahin had to fight back tears as he described the bomb attack on his team bus.

Teammate Marc Bartra suffered a broken wrist after three bombs were set off on Tuesday night as the team travelled to their Champions League clash with Monaco, The Sun reported.

Speaking after the rearranged game – that ended with a 3-2 win for Monaco — Sahin said: “It’s very hard. It’s hard to talk about it. It’s hard to find the right words.

“We’ve seen it a lot of times on TV and it was far, far away from us.

“Even when it was in Istanbul, in my country, on New Year’s Eve.

“It was very far from us until last night, we felt how it was to be in a situation like this.

“I don’t wish anyone to feel like this.”

It’s been a tough week.

It’s been a tough week.Source:AP

Sahin, who had a brief stint at Liverpool in 2013, added: “Until I was on the pitch in the second half I didn’t think about football to be honest.

“Last night I didn’t realise what happened until I was at home with my wife and my son, they were waiting at the front door… then I felt how lucky we were.

“I know football is very important. We love football. We suffer with football.

“We earn a lot of money, we have a privileged life, but we are human beings, there is so much more than football in the world and last night we felt it.

“When I was on the bus last night… I can’t forget the faces.

“I will never forget those faces in my life, for sure.

“When I saw Marc.

“I was sitting next to [Marcel Schmelzer] I will never forget [Schmelzer’s] face.

“It was unbelievable.”


After Borussia Dortmund’s fans opened their doors to Monaco rivals stranded by a bomb attack that postponed their match, the visitors returned the solidarity gesture Wednesday decked out in the German squad’s black and yellow.

All day Monaco fans piled into the German club’s boutique, snapping up Dortmund gear before kick-off.

“We’ve sold hundreds of scarves and jerseys since this morning, and it’s almost only the French who’ve been buying,” said Sultan Karakas, who was manning the boutique’s till.

Monaco may have won 3-2 in the end — much to the annoyance of Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel, who said his shaken players should have had more time to process the attack — but the visiting team’s fans had already won their hosts’ hearts earlier in the day.

Social media lit up with photos of Monaco and Dortmund supporters sharing beers and snacks in a display of camaraderie rarely seen between rival teams.

Arthur Glapa, a Monaco fan who spent Tuesday night in his car with a friend so that he could catch the rescheduled match, said he had been struck by the sense of solidarity.

“I like them a lot,” the 22-year-old said of the German fans. He had had his replica Monaco shirt freshly printed with the name of Marc Bartra, the Dortmund defender injured in the blasts that hit the Borussia’s team bus, shattering the vehicle’s windows.

“At first they did not want to print (Bartra) on a Monaco jersey, but the store manager intervened,” Glapa said.

This article was originally published by The Sun.