Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.

To open the eyes of society to horrendous harm done to bodies and minds of men by women.

To prevent this damage through advocacy, tutelage and counselling.

To proffer solutions directed at persons, groups and the society at large.

To aggregate all reports of physical and psychological abuse on men by women and bring such to the notice of the authorities.

A Brief Preamble.
Personally, I am not of the notion that men are higher beings than women….for obvious reasons of course! Quite at variance with what some religious books of reference may state, I believe all human beings are equal. I was not asked to pay lesser amounts as school fees for my daughter….and there had been occasions when girls “beat” me roundly in academics at school. So, it even irritates me that a daughter I invested so much on would end up at the beck and call of some man….by way of marriage! So I am for equality of the sexes! Brook no doubt about that!

Main Statement.
In a general sense:
The female specie is more endangered from physical damage from superior male physique.

The male specie is more endangered from psychological damage from superior female tongue!

I believe physical damage pales in comparison to psychological damage.

Perhaps out of some accepted “weaker vessel” biases in favour of women, we often hear of how they are victims of maltreatment by men… but hardly of the atrocities they commit against men. Physical beatings. Disparate rights. Biases in inheritance. Widowhood problems! Of course our women may be “weaker vessels” in raw physique…but who can compare matters of the brawn with those of the mind? Why men may bully the body, women are more inclined to, and more skilled at, assaulting and bullying the mind! Being copious users of the mouth, they are so eager to deploy these skills at the slightest of provocations!

My Counsel To Men.
Except you find it absolutely imperative to engage in self defense, do not hit a woman even in retaliation. She is tempting you to do so, knowing fully that you’d be spoiling your case by hitting her! After seeing bumps and bruises on a woman’s face, noone wants to hear the details! But make sure you report her to the police so she goes to jail. Do not overlook it. She has no right to render you a mental invalid !

I continue…
There is talk everywhere about training boys to grow up to respect girls without commensurate talks about rearing girls to use their mouths responsibly and respect boys and everyone else.

All agree that women are better wired to use their mouths than fists …as they denigrate men emotionally… orally pulverizing them as they harry them to suicides!

I would rather be punched in the face than be served copious doses of horrible words. I think users of the mouth do far more damage than users of fists can ever be capable of doing.

Noone has the right to hit anyone else…male or female…. With words or fists…

Please find no excuse for the females. They so need to rein in their tongues before they kill the entire nation!


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)


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