Superman ‘beats up homeless man’

Superman beats up homeless man1:28

A man dressed as Superman beats up homeless man while his friend, dressed as Batman, watches on. Courtesy: Live Leak

A bizarre video appears to show Superman beating up a homeless man. Picture: LiveLeak

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WARNING: Graphic

DRAMATIC footage appears to shows Superman serving up some cold hard justice to homeless man in broad daylight — before Batman swoops in to save the day.

Filmed somewhere on the mean streets of the Las Vegas, The Sun reports incredible clip shows a man dressed as the ‘man of steel’ unleashing a flurry of elbows and punches as an amazed crowd watches on.

Uploaded to LiveLeak with the title “Superman beats up homeless man”, the astonishing footage also features fellow DC Comics favourite Batman.

A bizarre video appears to show Superman beating up a homeless man. Picture: LiveLeak

A bizarre video appears to show Superman beating up a homeless man. Picture: LiveLeakSource:Supplied

While the iconic red-caped superhero allegedly batters the man, who appeared to be drunk, another cosplay enthusiast dressed as the ‘caped crusader’ marches over much to the delight of the baying crowd.

But rather than seeing a real-life ‘Batman v Superman’, Bruce Wayne appears to talk Clark Kent down as the pair leave the vagrant bloodied on the cold unforgiving concrete.

Speaking with Fox5Vegas, street performer James Rich, who dresses as Superman for a living meeting tourists in Sin City, claimed the homeless man allegedly started the fight after confronting Batman with a traffic cone.

Batman swoops in to save the day. Picture: LiveLeak

Batman swoops in to save the day. Picture: LiveLeakSource:Supplied

He said: “The way this whole thing even started was he ended up assaulting the Batman I was with.

“It was with a traffic cone, in a sexual way.”

Despite being beaten to a pulp by the son of Jor-El, the plucky homeless man continues to bait James who delivers a backhanded slap prompting gasps from onlookers.

And as his Justice League partner Batman watches on, Superman-fan James punches the belligerent man to the ground — giving fans the knockout punch they so deeply craved.

Superman goes down. Picture: LiveLeak

Superman goes down. Picture: LiveLeakSource:Supplied

A woman, who may have been dressed as Lois Lane, eventually ushers the gutsy disenfranchised gent, who has blood streaming down his face, away from the two musclebound vigilantes.

James admitted that he went too far beating the man adding: “I guess I lost my temper a little bit more.

“He just wasn’t willing to stop.”

He added that he doesn’t want viewers to get the wrong impression of street performers after watching the shocking clip.

He said: “We’re just regular people trying to make a living. It may not be the easiest or the best way but it’s all we have at the moment.”

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