Taxes Driving Businesses Out Of Lagos – Labor Union

The Lagos State Chapter of the United Labor Congress (ULC) has said that the tax regimes of the Lagos State Government is driving businesses out of the state.

Comrade T. N Korodo, a chieftain of the union, made this claim in a speech he delivered at the 2018 May Day celebration held in the state on Tuesday.

He said that the strict tax regime of the Mr. Akinwumi Ambode, the governor of Lagos State, is chasing businesses, especially manufacturers away from the state.

He said, a�?We are witness to the mass exodus of businesses out of our dear state especially those involved in manufacturing. We discovered one of the reasons for this was the rather high tax regime   imposed by the state. Much as we respect the need for internally generated revenue, we propose that it should be kept within some certain threshold as to not affect the efficient running of businesses.a�?a�Z

a�?Sir, workers were literally taken aback when this administration announced a new regime of payments as it relates to land use charges which immediately spiked up land use rents, tenements engender a cacophony of voices. We commend your Excellencya��s revisit of the subject in terms of slight reversal, but still contend that more can be done to ease the burden of rentage and its ancillary impact on the working citizens,a�? he added.

He also charged the statea��s government to improve on transportation in the state while noting that a�?transportation is a major precursor to developmenta�� as it is a�?indispensable to moving machineries, personnel, and materialsa�� from one place to another.

Mr Korodo also ppreciated the efforts of the government in tackling insecurity and crime in the state. 

a�?We commend the government, governor, and the commissioner of Police, Lagos State for sparing nothing in the concerted fight against criminals and criminalities in Lagos States. This is evident from the much reduced crime rates in Lagos as against documented past. We say kudos to those dedicated officers, women and men who toil against all odds to keep us safe. May God bless you all,a�? he said. 


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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