TBoss brother blasts AY and it’s not funny.

TBoss brother blasts AY

Still on TBoss’ Issue..

TBoss’ Brother, Christopher has bared his mind after Comedian Ay joked about the Kemen/TBoss situation at this Easter Live show yesterday.

Recall, AY said what Kemen did was what every normal guy do, noting that it was just unfortunate there were camera in Kemen’s case. AY also said what Kemen did was just a touch.

He also said: “I said something on Warri Again the other day, and we went viral.. Now, I’m going to say it again.. Una no know weytin be Kongi?” adding that: “Please encourage this young man, that’s all I said. He no kill person! Make he come die? Even God sef forgive all of us”.

Christopher has since responded to Comedian AY, and his reply is brutal! Read Below:

Trying to make an assault look normal and acceptable, ignoring the hurt the victim felt and still feels every time she remembers the incident. All I have to say is that karma is a dish best served cold and it multiplies, in the future when all your daughters get assaulted, raped and abused remember how u joked about another persons misfortune and made cash out of it. And when the whole country is laughing at your daughters misfortune remember that it has only just begun.

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)