TBoss tells Debie-Rise she wants her to join her planned vacation with her mum if she wins the money

TBoss tells Debie-Rise

Yesterday, We brought you detailed details on what the Housemates said, if and only if they win the N25m. Read the details here.

Recall, TBoss said she would first pay her Tithe, after which she’d take her mum on an all-expense paid vacation… Well, she mentioned that again today, only that this time around she said she was also going to take Debie-Rise on the vacation.

She said this while speaking to Debie-Rise earlier. In her words: “I Want You To Join My Vacation With My Mum, If I win”

It should be noted that Debie-rise and TBoss became close after Bassey was Evicted from the BBNaija Show and Biggie allowed conspiracy in the house.. Which of course led into the housemates being splitted and taking sides. E.g: Efe, Bisola, Marvis and Bally all formed alliance.. then TBoss and Debie-Rise formed theirs too.

The Grand Finale of Big Brother Naija holds on the 9th of April, 2017 with the Top 5 Housemates; Efe, Bisola, Marvis, TBoss and Debie-rise battling for the N25m and SUV Prize.

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)