That Kachukwu's Exposure: Buhari is culpable and the mastermind.

That Kachukwu’s Exposure: Buhari is culpable and the mastermind.

That Kachukwu’s Exposure: Buhari is culpable and the mastermind.

Every Nigerian now knows of it in the public domain. Antecedents of Buhari as Petroleum Minister has always been very frosty with clarity. Buhari was the maiden Minister of Petroleum in the then established Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation-NNPC in 1978.

Naira was weightier than dollar and pound sterling. It was in the decade that Gowon as Head of State six years earlier 1973 said that Nigerian main Problem was not money, but what to do with money. It was the era that saw the establishment of frivolities as conduit pipes; National Theatre, Festac, National Youths Service, Federal Executive Council, National Research Institute, National this, National that. In these decades, NNPC was established by Obasanjo Administration with Muhammad Buhari as the maiden Minister of Petroleum. A whopping sum of 2. 8 billion naira, equivalent to 5.6 billion US dollars grew wings under the watchful eyes of Buhari and varnished.

It was one of the remote causes of Ali Must Go Riot by students in 1978 when students were told to pay for further meals. The students had been reassured that they should not pay for anything while undergoing studies since money was in excess and the gladiators were busy looting dry the coffers of the treasury in the raging 2. 8 billion Naira missing in NNPC, frivolous Festac 77, and squander maniac Operation Feed the Nation -OFN, not forgotten the Nigerian Agricultural Commerce Bank (NACB), Nigeria Industrial Development Bank (NIDB) , Nigeria Bank for Commerce and Industrial {NBCI) used to sponsor vage projects in Northern and Western Nigeria.

The decade 1970-1979 and became so engrossed in wastage that foreigners flocked Nigeria to help Nigerians loot their National coffers. It was a carefree decade that threw miser to the winds. Maximum leader of Uganda-Idi Amin Dada, was handy to hijacking Nigeria plane carrying the sum of 2.8 billion Naira equivalent to 5.6 billion dollars enroute Saudi Arabia for dumping. International community became awash with Nigerians outlandish expenditure. Ofcourse, the racket was purportedly closed by the tacit intervention of islamic quarters led by then Sultan of Sokoto- Sultan Attahiru (1952-1987).

Obasanjo by then was a titular head of state, being overtly pussi luminous to stand in the face of the islamic enclaves. So he allowed sleeping dogs lie then in as much as he himself had grossly carried billions of Naira in the guise of Festac 77” and Operation Feed the Nation also of 77”. Likes beget likes. Thus, Buhari was handy to bamboozle Nigerians that 2. 8 billion hijacked by Idi Amin Dada was not his making. Obasanjo covered him up as demanded by islamic authorities. But as Ostrich would bury his head in the sand while the whole body is exposed and supposing nobody is seeing it, Buhari thought that 2. 8 billion Naira equivalent to 5.6 billion US dollars was covered up.

Unknown to him, HSBC Bank of London was handy as the banker of NNPC. Ordinarily banking experience would have told Buhari that such a quantum of money wouldn’t have been possibly carried away without bank record, but the Ostrich Buhari thought otherwise. Earlier in 1975 , under Mutala Muhammed regime, the same Buhari was made the Military Governor of North East at Maiduguri . Record had it that Buhari allowed stupendous and frivolous contracts to pass through him as he endorsed them, so far as it were muslims that instigated them.

Buhari was busy endorsing conduit pipes as wastages brought by co-muslims, especially those of the Fulanistock. This brings to question the Wittiness, the astuteness and the reliability of the Buhari’s brain to properly articulate. It is on record that Buhari never attended and passed in-service course in the military as a soldier, but he was Fulanistically and continuously promoted because Igbo odds favored him. Otherwise how could somebody who could rarely spell his name be a Head of State?

But that is the way the cookie crumbles when the islamic interest is at stake. It is equidistantly koranic, simple. So, trying to pokenose is questioning the muslim Ummah-a pyrrhic experience, too aberrant to undertake. That was the pinpoint. That was the decoder. Here we are, but not in the Island of Patmos of Jolin the beloved. Throwing hyperdraconic innuendos, Buhari came on board, being blindly supported by islamic ummah what who clairvoyantly amputated logical reasoning, by the ” alkaferis” via the progenity of takiya. Led by the garden path, Nigerians jubilated and this man was sworn in as the Military Head of State in 1st January 1984. Reverberation of old tunes saw us dancing naked in the village square of 56-suit cases of Colonel Umar saga in the domain of Mutala Muhammed Airport.

Convolution of religious contours intertwined again in his appointment by the Abacha as the Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF. Obasanjo-Obasanjo- Ekweme-Obasanjo rhetoric of Tom Ikimi brain sag was handy to write the Obasanjo as the second Executive President of Nigeria in 1999. Tell that to the winds that corruption is alien to Buhari. This was the summative punch of Professor Haruna, the investigator of the activities of PTF under Buhari (1995-1999) , who unravelled 25.76 billion Naira that went up in the flames of squander maniacs under Buhari watch. . Remember we have said that is the way the cookie crumbles in Nigerian headship.

Obasanjo questioned Buhari who retorted ”I can’t explain’. I never know how the money vanished”. Veracity spontaneously released, hard truth unbelievably believable. But wait a minute, how could he have known when he does not possess the intellectual sagacity to question his islamic subordinates? So we are willy-nilly driven by a man that that illiterately cannot locate the throttle of his vehicle. The man was handy in 2002- to be the Chief Launcher to a book on Boko haram: Western Education is sin” Contorted ideological releases have railed the air ever since as boko haram has continued to be circumlocutorily dignified in the oxymoronic ”fighting boko haram is fighting the North”.

Dangling the war like carrot has been the arbiter ever since May 29, 2015. What of the belligerent” I will make your government ungovernable ”. What about the fiendish tantrums ” monkeys and baboons will soak blood ” ? These have been spams in the e mail of national psyche, while we keep abreast with the current tune of fighting corruption. But who is this fighter? But who is this loonies of change.? But who is this glamorous twitter of sanctimonious grandstanding? Book of Genesis is the intertwiner and not the albatross. But whether the Ethiopian can change his skin is the animate sore point in this game of the intrigue. The baboon in the air is the difuser now that the hen has come home to row in the Kachikwu saga.

Then, the — question: Could Baru had spent 25 billion dollars or awarded contracts without tacit approval of the Petroleum Minister? I need a beeline answer. Who is the Minister of Petroleum under whose authority Varies served? As the Minister of State, has Kachikwu oversight function to call Natural to order? Did Baru ever respond queries by Kachikwu? Why did Buhari refuse seeing Kachikwu over a long period of time? Baru alleged that President Buhari endorsed the fictitious contract on his sick be. Then the eye-opener questipn:how could a dying man who could not sit up, sign a contract? Enemies of sanctity alluded the signing to the Vice President Osun amp who publicly refuted it.

Then the finality of a question: why Buhar not addressed the Nation since this saga? Answer: Takiya called deceit, called deceptiveness is the reason why we are here. It is also called tawriya or muruna, all Arabic connotations of deceit of non muslims by the house of peace called darl al-salam. Kachukwu belong to the darl al-harb, called house of War, and so must be deceptively conquered either directly by war or deceptively by Takiya. If you are talking of fighting corruption, think twice when Buhari is involved. The islamic vindictive nature forbide him from panoramic pragmatism needed to spring board change.

I don’t stand in for Jonathan because he woefully failed Nigerians and ran a clearly corrupt government. But he that comes to equity must come with clean hands. Or, he that lives in glass house should not throw stones. So lets stop casting aspersions. Let the mudsling stop. Let’s bury the hatchet. Let us stop fighting corruption forth with. If there is any body to fight corruption in Nigeria, certainly, it is neither Buhari nor Jonathan.It is either we all agree to collectively fight corruption and involve every body from 1960 or let us forget corruption outrightly and move Nigeria forward. Buhari is a blatant failure and a first class roque and a consummate islamist by virtue of his quietness over Baru case of 25 billion US Dollars.

Let us move Nigeria forward by Complete Restructuring of Nigeria so that we operate 100 %- secularity of state where no religion plays a vital role at all.



SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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