The 10 Most Liveable Cities In West Africa

Lagos – Nigeria

Although Lagos is notorious for being Nigeria’s most populous city, it remains one of the best places to live in West Africa. The metropolis is a hub of activity, and the roads are constantly teeming with traffic.

With a strong presence of global businesses such as Dangote Group, Unilever, and Nestle, Lagos remains the economic heart of Nigeria almost thirty years after it was replaced by Abuja as the capital of the West African country. In 2014, Nigeria’s busiest city recorded a GDP of around US $90 billion, surpassing the majority of African countries to become the 7th biggest economy on the continent.

Lagos has a thrilling night life and boasts an endless list of exciting attractions. Surrounded by a beautiful coastline, the city is home to some of the most stunning beaches Africa has to offer. Beautiful golden sand beaches lie within walking distance of the city centre, while a short drive provides even greater options, perfect for a range of activities including swimming, surfing, and fishing.

SOURCE: Africa