The Atomics Talk Stage Style, Lucky Charms Ahead of Coachella Debut

The hottest siblings in music are getting the festival treatment courtesy of H&M.

With their electric blue eyes and angelic complexions, the Smith siblings are hard to miss. 

But these model siblings (all signed to Next Model management) are more than just pretty faces hitting the runway for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and, in Lucky Blue’s case, Tom Ford, Gucci and Jeremy Scott, among others. The Utah-natives are also the force behind The Atomics, the groovy, surf rock band which the siblings founded in 2009. 

This year, in between hanging out with the rest of the beautiful #DGMillennials in Milan and fronting for this season’s H&M Loves Coachella collection, the Smiths have also managed to book their first gig at the Indio-based fest, where they’ll perform both Saturdays. 

“We’re so excited!” Daisy Clementine and Starlie told The Hollywood Reporter last month while celebrating Dolce & Gabbana in Beverly Hills. “I’ve actually been rehearsing in my bedroom,” added Starlie. “I can’t wait!” Though their individual style runs the gamut, each Smith will be rocking pieces from the Divided H&M collection, which they’ve customized and embellished with the help of a stylist.

Ahead of their performance at the Polo fields, we caught up with Lucky Blue (18; drums), Daisy Clementine (20; lead guitar), Pyper America (19; bass) and Starlie (22; lead vocals), to chat about festival fashion, lucky charms for performing and their dream collaborators. 

How does dressing for Coachella differ from other festivals?
The Atomics
: Festival fashion has become its own thing. Coachella seems to kick off the season. This will be our first time at Coachella all together, but from what we know it seems everyone gets to be unique and dress up in whatever shape or form they want. People go all out and it’s so cool to see the creativity.

How would each of you describe your on-stage style? Do you try to keep it cohesive as a band or is it about your individuality?
Lucky: My personal style is a mix between retro and modern, I love black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots and cool vintage jackets.
Starlie: My style is all about embracing my curves — chic, sexy and a little rock ’n’ roll.
Pyper: I would say my personal style is classic with a little edge. I always like to be comfortable and feel cool.
Daisy: I think my style is classic and feminine, with a rock and roll edge.

What is special about each of your looks for this year’s fest? Did you have any input? Was it collaboration with H&M?
The Atomics: Everything we did was collaboration, including what we are wearing. We picked out several looks and different pieces from H&M- then worked with a stylist to customize and embellish them to really make them our own.

Any lucky charm you wear while you perform?
Lucky: I can’t wear anything while I play because it will get ruined.
Pyper: I always wear one of my favorite jackets to a show.
Daisy: I have a ring that has “CTR” engraved on it, which stands for “Choose The Right.” I also use the same guitar picks, and they haven’t let me down yet!
Starlie: A lot of sparkly rings & I honestly feel better when I don’t wear pants.

What’s the most important thing you consider when dressing for a show? 
The Atomics:
I think we always want to be comfortable, but we also want to stand out during our performance. We all seem to wear things that we would maybe wear in our everyday life, but then mix it with something that sorta pops out or is a bit more fun for the audience and fans. We want to make sure we’re wearing something we can dance in.

If you could pick any band playing at Coachella this year to join you onstage, who would pick?
Lucky: If Cypress Hill was playing I would want them by my side
Pyper: Phantogram
Daisy: Grouplove or Real Estate
Starlie: Kendrick Lamar

SOURCE: lstyle