The Best Comedic Trolls of United Airlines Amid Its Scandal

From movies being altered to faux commercials, the mockery is relentless.

People are still pretty upset about a United Airlines passenger who was forcibly removed from a Chicago plane on Sunday because he would not give up his seat on an overbooked plane. 

United, thus far, has contended staff did what was required of them. Video of the bloodied passenger went viral almost immediately. 

United was trending on social media all day Monday, with the help of numerous celebrities and even some politicians weighing in on the video. 

And, of course, because it was such a hot topic, a lot of United trolling took place, mostly in memes and GIFs. Some examples were basic, but others very well done. 

From movies being altered to faux commercials, here are some of the best examples of the United trolling. 

Flying United.

SOURCE: hollywood (technology)