The Best Revenge Is To Vote Buhari Out In 2019 – PDP Youth Leader

The national youth leader of the Peoplea��s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Sunday Udeh-Okoye, has said that the best revenge that can be taken on President Muhammadu Buhari over comment describing Nigerian youths as a�?lazy and uneducateda�� is to vote him out of office come 2019.

Mr. Udeh-Okoye said this in a statement he released in Abuja on April 20 in which he also expressed his perception of the comment by the president.

He said: a�?We are saddened by what has become a habitual and flagrant de-marketing of Nigeria and her citizens by President Muhammadu Buhari, especially anytime he steps outside the shores of the country. A President sincere about attracting foreign investors would not go about running his citizens down, telling the entire world that his citizens are corrupt and now, that the youth, which constitute about 60 percent of the countrya��s population are uneducated, lazy, and unwilling to worka�?.

a�?It is needless joining issues with Mr. President and his incompetent team, whom besides having nothing to offer us, want to turn potential helpers and the entire world against us. The best answer to this assault on the sensibilities of the Nigerian youth is to obtain Permanent Voters Card and be ready to repay the President in his own coin in 2019 by showing him and the fumbling APC the red card across the country.a�?

The PDP chieftain also accused the President of twisting the truth before the international community. 

a�?President Buhari should have instead told the world that this All Progressives Congress (APC) administration has incurred a debt of over N11 trillion in just three years without any completed project, especially socio-economic infrastructural projects that will drive youth entrepreneurship, to show for it in his third anniversary as President.

a�?He should have told the international community that his poor management of the economy has wantonly devalued the Naira from N160 to a United States Dollar he inherited in 2015 to between N350 to N400 and has triggered investment flights to neighboring countries like Ghana and demise uncountable businesses.a�?

He added that instead of saying that Nigerian youths are lazy, the president should have spoken about how hardworking Nigerians are: a�?Indeed, he should have confessed to the world that over 16 million hard working Nigerians, most of them the youth, lost their jobs, 18 million became acutely underemployed, and inflation hit an all-time high due to his incompetence and lack of vision. Therefore, to turn around to stand the truth on its head is unacceptable to the Nigerian youth.a�?


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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