'The Boss Baby' Sequel? Screenwriter Explains That Last Scene

Michael McCullers expands on the animated movie’s final wink and brainstorms how a followup could unfold.

[This story contains spoilers from The Boss Baby.]

Is Fox trying for The Bossier Baby?

Audiences of The Boss Baby — starring Alec Baldwin as a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying baby on a mission to divert parents’ love from puppies — might assume as much, since the animated movie ended with a hint toward a sequel.

Directed by Tom McGrath, the film ends with Baldwin’s Boss Baby opting out of his corner office and ceremoniously shedding his suit to join Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) and the Templeton family — this time, as an actual younger brother. It then jumps a couple decades and places the two brothers in a maternity ward, where Tim’s daughter is waiting to meet her own baby sister. In a crib labeled “Templeton,” that newborn girl sits up and reveals that she’s wearing her own Boss Baby-esque suit and tie, and then winks at the audience.

However, screenwriter Michael McCullers asserts that the movie’s open-ended conclusion is just for fun. “I can’t even remember who came up with that,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that the priority of that scene was to show how Tim and Boss Baby have remained close as siblings, even while Boss Baby pursues a corporate career. “We’re just trying to tell the best story with the characters. It’s in no way meant to be a twist or for a sequel. The producers just had a little fun at the end.”

“If there were to be a sequel, I would be very happy,” he continues. “We haven’t talked about it at all — that’s more of a finger-crossed kind of thing. We didn’t think about making this a franchise-able thing.”

Still, he’s somewhat open to the idea. “Families all feel that when there’s another sibling, there’s always something. They could also get a puppy, or instead of Boss Baby it could be Astronaut Baby — babies who have different jobs.”

Additionally, Marla Frazee, who wrote the original book The Boss Baby, recently released The Bossier Baby, which centers on a female newborn.

“That was a coincidence!” says McCullers, who only met the author the first time at the movie’s premiere in New York City. “It’s sort of a natural next chapter for her, but I don’t think there was any clever coordination between the movie and the writer.”

Unfortunately, that’s true, because the film’s ending doesn’t align with that second book.

The Bossier Baby has a little girl baby coming in and firing the Boss Baby and she’s the CEO,” Frazee previously told THR. “In real life, I want Hillary Clinton to play her. I have her in a pantsuit with pearls and everything.”

SOURCE: Hollywood