The Church Of Bourdillon Is At It Again!

“The best prophet of the future is the past.”

– Lord Byron

“The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes.”

– Adolf Hitler

They are at it again!

They are at it again because, according to the Spanish born American Essayist, George Santayana, “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” If people learn from history, they would not be making the same mistakes that got their hands burnt previously. They would be doing things differently and adopting a different approach if they had good memories with which the could recall and remember.

The Evangelists of misery. The Apostles of falsehood. The Prophets of poverty. The Pastors of political mercantilism. The Ministers of misery. The Revivalists of propaganda and deceit. The Merchants of death and hunger. The members of the Church of Bourdillon, yes, dexterous purveyors of lies and deceit. They are at it again!

When they came to sell Mohammadu Buhari in 2014, they said we should buy him because, according to them and their plan, Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be his Vice President and eventually, supplant him. In their plans, they refused to hold Buhari accountable for his egregious sins against the leaders of Yorùbá Nation in 1984. They swept everything under the dirty carpet. They employed and masterfully deployed unprecedented coloured propaganda to revise history, repackaged and resell him.

All the warnings given them as to the implications of what they were doing fell on deaf ears. All the efforts to use the past of Buhari as a barometer for his future actions were ignored. All provided evidences that they could end up being victimised as the Adekunle Ajasins, the Bola Iges, the Ambrose Alis, the Bisi Onabanjos, Ayo Ojewumis, the Lateef Jakandes et al, were pooh-poohed, sneered and snickered at as well as dismissed. They were deafened and blinded by the ambition of the GO of the Bourdillon Church.

In all these efforts of historical revisionism aimed at making Buhari seem what he is not while positioning the General Overseer (GO) of the Bourdillon Church to eventually supplant him in the Presidency, the latter of which were unknown to Buhari, they were oblivious of the role of God Almighty. They discountenanced Providence. They were contemptuous of the fate and fortunes of the masses. They pawned the people. The ambition of the GO was supreme over and above any other consideration.

God Almighty intervened in the planned trajectory. Providence parleyed with the events that were manifesting. Divine steel bars snaked into the wheels of their motorbikes to demobilize them. And they became dumbfounded. Professor Yemi Osinbajo had to replace the GO. They were checkmated. It became easier to victimise and sideline the GO of the Bourdillon Church. They were in disarray. They were harried up and down as they sauntered helter-skelter for succour and solace.

The people they pawned also became victimized. They were inflicted with unprecedented hunger, poverty and squalor. Agonies, tears and the gnashing of teeth became the lots of the people. They were visited with murders. Their bodies, dismembered with sadistic glee, were barbarically displayed to the world via audio visuals.

The women who escaped murder were raped with noxious instincts of bestiality. Foetuses, infants, toddlers, the elderly and the vulnerable were wantonly dispensed with. Farms were and are still being destroyed. Villages were and are still being annihilated. Properties were and are still being burnt down. Those who are not murdered directly are being killed indirectly via non-payment of salaries, wages and emoluments. The Bourdillon Church has brought upon us the anomised season of anomie.

While they are at it again as 2019 approaches, trying to bring and sustain a tragedy as represented by Mohammadu Buhari, it is important that we allow ourselves to be instructed by the great Martin Luther King Jr. In the heated days of the civil rights struggles, he had noted that “History” would have “to record that the greatest tragedy” of that period of “social transition was not the strident clamour of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

Before the people are hoodwinked again, it is important that we ring the warning bells as has been done hitherto in 2014. It is important that we ask ourselves that if candidate Buhari could perpetrate all these atrocities when he knew he would still ask for our votes for second term, what would he do when he would not need our votes anymore? Without any fear of contradiction, one could contend that it would be burning hell in Nigeria. And Nigeria as an entity might not survive it.

Literally, the false prophets on the dais at the Church of Bourdillon are already going around with their diabolical preachments to the people that if they could die more; if they could go hungrier a little longer; if they could allow themselves and their families to be maimed more; if they could tolerate the raping of their mothers, their sisters, their daughters, their aunts and nieces further, and allow Mohammadu Buhari another four years so that Bola Ahmed Tinubu could succeed him as President in 2023, all would be well!

But why must all of us be dead for the morbid ambition of one man? Why must the future and well being of us all and our children be sacrificed for the ambition of Bola Ahmed Tinubu? Why must Nigeria become comatose in the hands of Mohammadu Buhari just so that Tinubu could become president? What kind of politics is this that sacrifices everyone and and everybody as well as the well being of the coming generation?

The truth of the matter is that Yorùbá has no chances in 2023. It is a deceit of the highest order. Are the Yorùbá the only Southerners? Are Igbo not Nigerians? Should they not have a shot at the Presidency too? And on top of that, who exactly knows tomorrow? No one could guarantee what would happen in 2019 outside chasing Buhari back to Daura and they are once again foolishly guaranteeing 2023 for the Yorùbá people? How could those who failed themselves in the aftermath of 2015 elections and actively contributed to the present tragedies guarantee anything for themselves after 2019, least of all, the already over pulverized, Yorùbá people, nay Nigerians? What a grand deceit!

Where is the guarantee that there would be Nigeria after 2019 Elections with the desperation and destructive ways Buhari is going about his administration? Is anyone on the dais in the Bourdillon Church sparing any thought for the people on the streets? Is this just politics for the sake of politics and nothing more? Is the welfare of the people not part of this equation? Shouldn't the agonies on our streets make any extra day of Buhari in Aso Rock an anathema?

Before anyone could begin to speak of anything beyond 2019, Nigeria must first and foremost be rescued from Buhari and Bola Tinubu. The task at hand for Nigerians right now is to prevent a possible war being engineered by Buhari and his destructive crowd. It is also to checkmate the Bourdillon Church that is aiding and abetting it. If care is not taken, the coming war would not be civil in anyway. It is why we must all work together to rescue Nigeria now from this dangerous crowd.

We have to chase away these desperados holding sway in Aso Rock and kneecap their allies across the country. It is to bring sanity back to the polity. It is to return the respect of and to the sanctity of lives. It is to restore the respect for the Rule of Law. It is to debrief the hypnotized section of the populace and ring it into their senses that a morally bankrupt society is on the path to perdition. It is to ram it home into their consciousness that the edification of hypocrisy is an invitation to anarchy. It is to make it clear that when this society is allowed to be turned into a jungle, everyone of us becomes a victim.

It is to give the people a new hope and a new lease of life. It is to restructure Nigeria according to the wishes of the people. It is to allow a degree of self determination and unleash decent competition among the constituent units. It is to set free the economic potentials of all Nigerians in their environments as they wish it organized with little or no interference from the center. It is to give every citizen of all the constituent units a sense of belonging.

It is time to end mediocrity that fosters corruption and other parasitic vices in Nigeria. It is time to allow merit, justice and fairness to rule. It is time to create a safe and prosperous society. It is time to become deaf to the preachments of the Bourdillon Church. It is time to chase out this Buhari. It is time to rescue Nigeria. It is time to fix Nigeria. It is time for a new day in Nigeria.

If the General Overseer of Bourdillon Church fails to learn from the warning we gave him in 2014 on Buhari and heed this of 2018; if he fails to learn from how everything has unraveled so far, as we predicted, then he would have deserved the consequences that would follow. No one needs any tutoring in rocket science to know that there would be consequences. And a far reaching ones at that, which would have as its concomitants more tears, more agonies and more tragedies for the populace.

It would be an unequalled manifestation of the greatest political foolishness in the annals of Nigerian History. And nothing kills like foolishness as our fathers have always contended, “Nwón ní kí omo tí ò gbón kí ó má kû, kí ló npa'ni bí agò?”

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.”

– John F. Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address January 20, 1961

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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