The Enemies of Our Nation

With the abundance of endowed resources and the strategic divine position of Nigeria on the African continent, no Messiah’s assertion or prophecy would have been considered damaging enough to stir up restless trouble in our hearts. Historians have evidence that Nigeria, from birth, was not lacking in the sacred characteristics of a superpower nation. It had a reserved advantage of population, geography, economy and resources. According to our progenitors, Nigeria, was sure to make it to the “hit-man” list of nations. If a temporary resurrection is engraced on our past heroes and they wobbled across the green-white-green land, they will disturbingly chorus … Let’s move on, this is not the Nigeria we foresaw.

We understand every nation has its shares of the woes and ills. For Nigeria, a peculiar nation with unique human capital and national resources, where we are is a poignant contrast of the dreams of our fathers. Sadly, the Nigeria Medical Association in 2019 lamented on doctors’ exodus. Their unfortunate exit is connected to poor conditions of Nigeria’s health care, bad remuneration and deteriorating hospital facilities. When their feet touch the soil of an advanced country, they are known for quintessential feat. The story of Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, a Texas-based pediatric surgeon who led a medical team that successfully operated on an unborn child resonates some vexing questions. Who did this to us? Why are our best leaving the nation? To borrow a lieu from the Bible, an enemy has done this. In our case, the enemies of our nation have done this.

This brings us to the enemies of our nation. Our nefarious foes are the perpetrators and the collaborators of perilous practices. The real perpetrators are those who live the “length” life. According to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the “length” life is about self, “only me” and me syndrome. For them, the end justifies the means. Though, they were born with conscience but through selfish and rapacious taste, they became the metaphor of chronic wickedness and cold callousness. They are the vote buyers. They pounce on the weakness of the weak. In the first place, they robbed them of jobs, opportunities, infrastructure and hope. In our hopeless state, we sell the vote to the perpetrators of the perils in our land. The perpetrators are the uniform lords. Those posted to protect us who now take bribe from us. The enemies of our nation are the staff in government parastatals who will never do the needful until their palms are greased. Our enemies are those who divert funds for personal enrichment. They are present everywhere, from politics to sports. One remembers the alleged diversion of $10.8million. FIFA grant by just three officials of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). Our enemies are those who abandoned our projects of worth. The Chartered Institute of Project Management of Nigeria, for instance, noted that Nigeria is boastful of abandoned projects running into N12trillion. Projects are abandoned in the East, West, South and the North, making these enemies ubiquitous.

As a final thought, silence in the face of contemptuous injustice, child harassment, unjust detection, vote buying and selling is an unpardonable betrayal of the fatherland. To those “Who quip” “Is it your father’s money?” “There is nothing we can do about it”, “It is our fate” and other pessimists, the future historians will say this about us: “they came, they saw but were conquered due to their unpatriotic silence and their collaborative action with the real enemies of the fatherland.”

Ogunnaike Samuel Wrote from Lagos

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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