The Federated Mill

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola

The bright vow
Made by the vowel
Compels words to bow
To some mandatory bowel
And the billowy pill
Administered on pillow
For a peace processing bill
Calmed the rampaging billow
Higher mountains fell
Like a self-seeking fellow
Teaching the waves to yell
As the white skies turn yellow
The federated mill
Factorised some millet
Like the refrigerated wall
Sited for the communal wallet
The light is a jar
As the door is ajar
Darkness is found ill
Abreast the brooding hill
Here is your eel
Poetry is my heel
The sun is woken up
With contents of the cup
Man loses his oars
As a hungry lion roars
The vanquished dew ails
Like wild waves losing tails
The sun is mother rose
Nursing the brilliant roses
And a departed twilight’s box
To resuscitate nocturnal boxes
This is a lined luck
Seeing verses to pluck
With the hyperbolic lock
We publish our lyrical clock

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (local news)