The ‘Gone Rogue’ That Wants To Govern Oyo State

He goes about his campaign like a ferocious bull running amok and ready to crush the matador. Each time this guy and motley of political thugs visit your area or community; they leave behind pain and sorrow.

Many innocent members of the public have become victims of his youthful exuberance which has developed into full-blown rascality. Sadly for Oyo people; he is one of the candidates seeking to govern the Pacesetter state for the next four years. This young man is lucky with godfathers who have been responsible for his meteoric rise in both private and political life.

Though, in politics he is still considered as neophyte; he is a governorship candidate of a major political party in Oyo state. In fairness to him, he possesses a brilliant academic record, which he flaunts whenever occasion calls for it. Unfortunately, this guy lacks the intelligence needed to occupy such office due to the way and manner he is going about his campaign.

It is true that many human beings can be brilliant but may not be intelligent. Some are lucky to possess both. Brilliance is the quality of being bright and very clever; while intelligence is the quality of being very smart and well-informed. Intelligence and brilliance are both mental abilities that whoever that wants to be Oyo state governor must possess. Some brilliant individuals sometime exhibits trait of ego and arrogance because they think they are the best.

In situation where an intelligent person considers new ideas; a brilliant person believes he knows everything. That is why, it is not scary for an intelligent person to try an idea that may be alien to them, and challenge their preconceived notions about how the world should be. Intelligent people have the perspective to know that their views are limited, and they need to constantly work at expanding them by entertaining new ideas.

Due to the fact that, I don’t want this piece to be misconstrued as a ‘sponsored piece; I’m not going to mention name. It saddens the minds of some of us who have observed how violence has been introduced to gubernatorial campaigns in Oyo state. Unfortunately, this governorship candidate believes that one of the factors that could assist him to win the gubernatorial election in Oyo state is empowering thugs who are on daily basis unleashing mayhem on

members of the public.
This young man who should rather build on the legacies of his grandfather is now destroying the legacies left behind by his grandfather by encouraging violence. Anywhere he goes; his heavily armed thugs unleash mayhem on innocent members of the public. Even media houses are not spared of attack by the thugs.

This guy clearly sees himself as the best candidate who is going to be the next governor of Oyo state. That is why he feels that he can do and say whatever he wants. This arrogant attitude is not limited to media interviews but he has

repeatedly extended it to his campaigns. His unpredictable character and authoritarian tendencies are definitely not prerequisites for anybody coming to govern Oyo state.

Those close to this guy should endeavour to educate him on why violence and intimidation don’t get people elected into position of authority. A proponent of violence and intimidation can never be a provider of a just and civilized society even if elected. Let me just rest my case here!

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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