The Hawks On The Loose

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola

The hawks hawked up hawkish hawkers
from the modular marketers’ seminaries
like sharks’ surgical leap out of the seas
to fin-touch the wind dated quill feathers
The rare ravenous ravens raved skyway
dumbfounding and spellbinding wings
their scorching fulminations courted life
like the mother-of-all-bombs’ explosion
Our coin has lost its purchasing potency
like the ragged flowerbeds in the evening
our tears recycle our broken heartedness
like sea modifying its wrath against bays
The hawks hawked up hawkish hawkers
like wildfires spewing smokes on the air
to floor our moon and truncate our stars
like the swine wining in the layered mire

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (local news)