The magic wand of Dr Maduka, benefactor of a multimillion judicial complex

Dr Godwin Maduka, an America-based Medical Director of Las Vegas Pain Institute& Medical Centre, has tasked people on what he claimed to be five characteristics of success.

According to Maduka, who recently donated a judicial complex with judges' quarter worth over N250 million to Anambra state government for promotion of justice and fair hearing, five points or five characteristics to success applicable to individuals, institutions, states and nations are to have undying love for God, the creator.

“You have to pay him 100% homage. People must believe in God. The reasons to believe in God and love him is because He engineered everything in the world. If you look at an individual he created, you will discover that He gave him everything he needs in life for a purpose. These include the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the nose to smell, the mouth to eat, and other parts of life. If you go out there, you will see the boy, the girl.

“The number two is hardwork. Even human being loves hardwork. If you visit a construction site, you will find one individual who is hardworking and does not grudge or care to know who is watching him or not.

“The number three is relayed gratification. Every country, institution or individual knows when they reached their potential. If you have not, strive to reach it. When you reach there, you will be identified. Our country has a lot of resources with which she will reach her potential. We need to empower our people to reach their potential individually and collectively not minding their tribes, religion, sex, etc. We must not take a back seat. God did not create us to take a second seat.

“The number four is impression. A nation can impress the whole world by how it treats its citizens, how they are living, creativity, how they appear, etc. For example, we should learn from the western world and others. People look at you first before they look at what you will say.

“The number five is interpersonal skills, intercountry skills, interindustry skills, etc. Individual, a nation or institution needs to identify their skills. They need to use their skills and respect others so they will respect them back. Interpersonal skills lead to self-actualization, job, promotions, etc.”

The American based medical director, it would be recalled, had built the court complex, over three years ago, however, it was not put into use due to petitions from some aggrieved members of his community, Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Speaking to journalists during the commissioning of the complex in Umuchukwu, Orumba South local district of the state, Maduka decried the scarcity of judges and series of petitions which had hindered the takeoff of judicial activities in the complex.

According to him, “I did not build the court for it not to be in use but in Nigeria there are some things that make people's effort not to be fulfilled. Now that the court is open and gazetted, I believe that judges will be sent there for judicial activities, it is now a judiciary complex.”

The Anambra state governor, Chief Willie Obiano, represented by the state Head of Service, Mr. Harry Udu, extolled the philanthropist for his contribution to the development of the state, a kind gesture, he claimed was in line with his think home philosophy.

Obiano, while describing the High Court as one of the best High Court edifices in the country, called on the people of the state anywhere in the world to take a cue from him and invest at home.

In a remark, the wife of late Biafran warlord, Chukwemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, expressed happiness on how Dr Maduka has been imparting the lives of people positively for years, and asked other Igbos in Diaspora to bring part of their wealth home as Maduka had done as it would help to eradicate high rate of poverty and dearth of employment in the region.

On his part, a member of Board of Trustee of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka appealed to the state government and the judiciary to urgently put the complex to use.

“My appeal is that this effort should be encouraged, he has spent fortune to build this complex and since 2015 it has not been put to use. I call on the state government and the state judiciary to identify and support this great man so that others can have the mind to follow suit,” he noted.

Dr Godwin Maduka
Dr Maduka, while speaking in an interview over Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu's senatorial ambition, urged the electorate from Anambra South to support her as she has the capacity to showcase Nigeria as a country of heroes and heroines through her academic, professional, family and political experiences.

He said, “We know her life history. Money and education alone cannot be equated to leadership. Having the education, money, compassion, empathy, sympathy, and having passed through the poverty others make her the best to run for public office. We should appreciate her for agreeing to run for a public office. I believe that Bianca Ojukwu is qualified. I am sure she had learnt a lot from her late husband, Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Igbo supreme leader and, from her father, former governor C. C. Onoh. I am happy she has accepted to run for public office been a lawyer, a former ambassador, well spoken; flawless speech, that is what Nigeria need. We need her to showcase that this is country for heroes and heroines.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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