The Most Stylish Male Characters on TV

Courtesy of Patrick Harbron/CBS

The look: Technicolor-tailored                 

The backstory: On CBS’ The Good Wife, costume designer Daniel Lawson made legions of fans realize that adhering to an office dress code doesn’t have to mean drab duds. Now he’s doing it again with the sequel, CBS All Access’ The Good Fight. But it’s not just those who wanted Julianna Margulies’ body-skimming suits who should be paying attention. We now get to respect the impressive tailoring worn by Delroy Lindo’s boss man, Adrian Boseman. “He’s a showman and I wanted his clothes to reflect that,” says Lawson.

Key elements: Colored suspenders, pocket squares, bright ties with fat knots and French cuffs. Three-piece suits (Lawson likes Paul Stuart’s Phineas Cole line) allow versatility, because you can have the jacket on, the jacket off, the vest on, the vest off.

Why he matters: By dressing almost as an English dandy, Adrian Boseman “stands out in the sea of suits,” Lawson says.

Real-world takeaway: A little flash goes a long way. As opposed to the Crayola box of swatches that Lawson used when dressing Mike Colter’s Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife, this character reminds that sometimes less is more. “He’s elegant flashy, whereas Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife was a little tacky flashy,” Lawson says.

SOURCE: lstyle