The Role of Purpose in a Fulfilled Life

It is said that if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. Our existence comes from our creator, and you should be assured that your birth and existence in this world is not a mistake, neither is it by chance. God himself is a God of purpose and He has created every man with an inherent purpose.

We were created to live a fulfilled life and living a fulfilled life cannot be complete if the purpose of our lives is not known.Therefore, Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Purpose is the original intent of a thing. It is the WHY of your existence. Purpose is about being of service to something outside yourself. Having a sense of purpose for your life gives all of your choices and actions context and direction. It helps to give meaning, focus and motivation to oneself.

Being happy and being fulfilled are two different things that the world as a whole tends to mix up. In fulfillment, there is happiness but you cannot say that when happy, you are fulfilled. Be informed that finding your purpose is not the same thing as finding that job that makes you happy.The vast majority of people in our world today are doing jobs that do not fit them; they are sacrificing their lives and not receiving any fulfillment in return. Many lives are thrown away because people don’t have the audacity to find their purpose and live it.The answer to living a fulfilled life lies in finding significance for your life. Try to discover what matters most to you and how you can effect positive change for yourself and those around you. The key to purpose is using your strength to serve others. And, knowing that you are striving to make this world a better place will not only give your life a purpose, but it will also make you fulfilled.

Being purposeful and being fulfilled go hand in hand. However, knowing your purpose does not make fulfillment easy; it only declares it possible. Fulfillment comes from impactful giving. However, it’s in giving that you will be filled up.Fulfill comes from the Old English fullfyllan which means “to fill up, to make full”. What you receive from giving will make you overflow with happiness, gratitude, and a sense of purpose. You can be rich and successful by living your purpose, but you will be fulfilled everyday by what you give, that is the impact you make on the people around you. Purpose gives you something to live for, which is the WHY that drives you forward.Knowing your purpose will keep you above challenges that will come your way as you pursue its fulfillment.Purpose is the fuel of commitment. It produces hope and inspires you to act.That is, your commitment to others inspires you to want to do more. The happiness of other people will always be connected to thesuccess in living your purpose.

Discover your purpose and become entitled to a fulfilled life!

Learner Support and advisory unit, Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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