The Shady Bunch Comes for Faux Creatives on Episode 9 of Accelerate TV’s Shade Corner

It’s so easy to claim a profession these days. Own a camera and you’re a photographer; draw dinner gowns and swimwear and you’re a fashion designer… Don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely no wrong with owning your craft, but be sure you’re GREAT at what you do before claiming to be a creative.

This is the preoccupation on Episode 9 of Accelerate TV ’s Shade Corner . Who are the real creatives and which guys are simply basking in the ambience of creative titles?

Find out in the full video below.
Also, the Shade Corner got a new member who is very vocal and deliciously shady … Just how we like them.

Watch the full video below to find out who she is and more.

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SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)