The Sunrays Scanned The Melodious Mountains

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola

The sunrays scanned the melodious mountains

Born for songs and recitations of heroine power

The butterflies conveyed the espousal proposal

Seething pots, teething ports and singing sports

Like the Parish Priest praying for the calm flocks

The congregation crawled out of their cathedral

Like the exasperated columns of desperate ants

They broke their silence under the broken skies

Like the thirsty frogs celebrating the latter rains

Breaking the rhyming oaths of peace and unity

The lyrical larks disported in the wind as planes

Transferring the talkshow to the heavenly spires

Rains of stones compelled the larks to zoom off

Like the thick smokes fading into the soft peaks

Under the mysterious wings of combatant eagle

The sunrays crept into the black thunder clouds

And trawled the earthmen down the dark valleys

Trees cast off their wrappers and danced naked

Then celebratory rains coughed and stammered

The emerging rainbow encircled the big catheral

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (local news)