The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful People in Entertainment

The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Entertainment

The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Entertainment

From left: Jon Berg, Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns

From left: Jon Berg, Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment (Berg); Michael Tran/FilmMagic (Nelson); Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic (Johns)

Under Nelson, 50, DC is flying high across all platforms. Lieutenant Johns, 44, helped overhaul Wonder Woman during rewrites and is working with Berg, 45, to chart the future of DC film.

BIG WIN It took years if not decades, but Wonder Woman made it to the big screen with a box-office bang (and a female director).

BIG BET The all-star Justice League (Nov. 17).


Best advice I’ve received about power
Nelson: In the context of conversations around Wonder Woman, I was sharing my belief that power does not equate to strength, but strength may connote power. Simply put, power allows the [positive] impacting of people’s lives and careers.
Johns: Dick Donner always said to listen to people. He did it on every set, in every story meeting and in the editing room. He had his vision, but he was always willing to hear another point of view.
Berg: Watching Alan Horn. You can be strong, fair and warm-hearted all at once. Lead with a smile.

If I could switch jobs with anyone in Hollywood for a day, I’d choose
Nelson: Patty Jenkins. To feel demand for your talent, regardless of gender, and knowing you are creating films that are going to leave lifetime imprints.
Johns: Working on bringing DC’s heroes and villains to the screen is the greatest job I could’ve dreamed of. But if it was one day, I would pull a Freaky Friday with Steven Spielberg so I could read the new Indiana Jones script, get the new Gremlins movie greenlighted and have lunch with Harrison Ford.
Berg: Clint Eastwood. Who wouldn’t want to be Clint for one day? I’d just keep giving myself his patented “what you looking at” stare. 

How my assistant would describe me in one word
Nelson: Kind.
Johns: Busy.
Berg: Hungry. I’m always eating.

What I’ve learned about my job from someone unexpected
Nelson: That over 21 years of working on the greatest films and content any studio could put out, I was only “cool mom” when I ran the video game division.
Johns: This guy who ran a huge investment corporation — Larry Clemmensen — who I met gave me some of the best advice ever: Always go to talk to people in their offices, not yours. It’s a small idea, but for connecting with people, a great one. Connecting with people is the most important part of any business or creative endeavor. It’s all about people.
Berg: My kids are my biggest fans. Making a movie that they like is the greatest joy. Ultimately they want the movie to be about something emotionally. That’s what I always try to achieve.

My primary news source
Nelson: CNN, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times. Fox News for a reality check.
Johns: Twitter. My favorite echo chamber!
Berg: Apple News feed and The New York Times.

I can’t get through the workday without
Nelson: An iced tea and a laugh with my chief creative officer, Geoff.
Johns: Wearing comfortable clothes. I don’t do well with jackets and ties. It makes me feel like a banker. (No offense, dad.)
Berg: Burritos and Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

The travel perk I can’t live without
Nelson: First class sleeping pods on overseas flights.
Johns: Potato chips.
Berg: A few very good meals!

The object on my desk people would be surprised to see there
Nelson: A Batman head Magic 8 Ball, given to me by a friend.
Johns: A Magic 8 Ball. It’s at least 50 percent right!
Berg: Lots. Pellet guns, football, throwing star, pocket knife, lots of paperwork.

How Trump has changed my job and life
Nelson: He has horrified me and forced me to think deeply about all sorts of people — good and bad. It’s put a fine point on the definition of integrity for me.
Johns: Trump is low-hanging fruit and gets lower all the time — I find it’s more important than ever to remind the world that hope still exists, optimism is not a fool’s mindset, and tomorrow will be better because the majority of the world wants it to be. Superman taught me that and the great people in my life confirmed it.
Berg: Not at all, except I’m really eager for 2020 to roll around for some reason.


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