The Truth Why Timi Dakolo Uses Wife, not Vixens in Music Videos

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Not every Nigerian singer can understand the reasons why singer, Timi Dakolo, chooses to use his wife and family in his musical videos but that is just his choice.

While every other singers are making use of video vixens, and popping expensive champagne with many of these ladies scantily dressed, Timi believes his wife is the right kind for his music.

But the choice of using his wife in his musical videos is not being welcomed by many but a fan has summon the courage to attack the singer and making know that he is not happy with him.

The fan made it known to him that he is tired of seeing his wife on his videos asking him if he is the first person to get married because it is already making his songs boring.

Well, Timi will not let such attack slip away as he replied that he is sorry and will feature him in the next song he is planning to release.

The truth is, the singer has come a long way with his wife and since he sings love songs, he feels that rather than using other ladies, his wife will be in best position to tell the story well as he can touch her any part of her body in the video and even kiss her well.

Source: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)