‘This obsession with Karl is over the top’

Studio 10 discuss Karl Stefanovic’s love life5:57

Studio 10 weigh in on TV rival – The Studio 10 panel discussed Karl Stefanovic’s love life

Ita came out swinging in defence of Karl.

THE Studio 10 panel took the unusual step of spending a segment discussing breakfast TV rival Karl Stefanovic’s love life today.

The Network 10 morning show today spent their ‘Daily Dilemma’ segment discussing Today host Karl Stefanovic’s much-publicised new relationship with Jasmine Yarbrough.

Pictures have emerged in the media this week showing Stefanovic and Yarborough enjoying a Mexican holiday with her family over the Easter break — at the same time as Stefanovic’s wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn, was photographed moving out of the Sydney home the couple lived in with their children.

Stefanovic with new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough. Picture: Jonathan Ng

Stefanovic with new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough. Picture: Jonathan NgSource:News Corp Australia

Should Karl be more considerate of his ex’s feelings, host Sarah Harris asked her fellow panellists including news.com.au journalist Benedict Brook.

“I feel very awkward talking about this,” Harris said with a sigh. “You feel like it’s their business, but then there’s been so much media interest in this story.”

Media veteran Ita Buttrose was quick to jump to Stefanovic’s defence.

“Why is everyone picking on poor, wretched Karl? He’s separated. Lots of people separate. I’m sure he hasn’t invited the papparazi along, and I’m sure he wishes they’d go away: They’re a pain in the arse,” she said, to cheers from the studio audience.

“Karl is no different from any of the rest of us, and we should get off his back.”

Ita didn't seem happy that the topic was even up for discussion.

Ita didn’t seem happy that the topic was even up for discussion.Source:Channel 10

Entertainment journalist Jo Casamento said she’d been in Thorburn’s shoes before, “and I can’t imagine what it would be like to see the other side so publicly exposed. But Ita’s right: It is life, people break up every day.”

Harris argued that some public interest was to be expected, particularly given Stefanovic had spoken so glowingly about his wife when accepting his 2011 Gold Logie.

“I’ve known Karl for a very long time and he’s always been very decent to me, but there are media analysts saying this will hurt and damage him,” she said.

The conversation then turned to ratings for Nine and Seven’s respective breakfast offerings, with Harris saying that “The Today Show has copped a bit of a hit — they’re certainly down on last year.”

Harris pointed out that Karl’s love life may have affected his show’s ratings.

Harris pointed out that Karl’s love life may have affected his show’s ratings.Source:Channel 10

Buttrose jumped in to defend the rival networks.

“To be fair, Sunrise is a very good morning show — I know it’s on another network. It could just be that they produce a better show than Today at the moment. I’m just trying to be fair-minded. I really do think this obsession with Karl’s separation is over the top,” she said.

The panel finished their chat with what might be a bit of wishful thinking, inviting both Stefanovic and Yarbrough onto the show to discuss their relationship. Don’t hold your breath, guys.

SOURCE: newsnow entertainment