“This Whatsapp Display Picture Is About To Crash My Sister’s Marriage”

A lady is in need of an advise after she Says a Whatsapp Display Picture is about to crash her sister’s marriage. Below is how she put it:

Please kindly advice me on a urgent situation.

I travelled to my sisters place to spend the sallah break with her family, from the very first day of my visit I sensed that things were not normal; they were virtually faking every smile and obviously waiting for me to go back. I pretended not to care. . .. . .na family issue.

Just this morning at exactly 5:50 a.m, hell let loose, they were raining insults at each other. The major problem was that her husband posted a DP on WhatsApp that got her angry and she refused to cook for 3 days insisting that he must apologise.

Please don’t mind the typo error’s I typed it in a rush and with a sleepy eye. I was dreaming of my dream man when they woke me up.

Please what’s the best way to handle this issue. Please treat as urgent .

SOURCE: yabaleft