'Thor: Ragnarok' — Do First Toys Reveal a Hulk-Centric Movie?

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ — Do First Toys Reveal a Hulk-Centric Movie?

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ — Do First Toys Reveal a Hulk-Centric Movie?

Hasbro has revealed five tie-in toys for the Marvel threquel.

What can be learned from the first wave of Hasbro’s toy releases for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok? Two things: Firstly, that audiences perhaps shouldn’t get too excited about the destruction of Thor’s hammer as the trailer made it seem. And secondly, Taika Waititi’s Marvel movie might be much more of a Hulk movie than people are expecting.

Of the initial five Ragnarok toys announced by Hasbro for fall 2017 release, it’s notable that three of them are Hulk-related (The Hulk Gladiator Interactive Figure, a Hulk-Out Mask and a new version of the favorite Hulk Smash FX Fists), with the other two being a Thor Electronic figure and Thor Rumble Strike Hammer, complete with “foam edges and lightning deco.” It’s one thing to accept that the Hulk naturally lends himself to toys, but for him to outnumber the titular star of the movie…?

It’s telling, too, that both of Thor’s showings feature the hammer that gets destroyed in the first trailer for the movie. Notably, the Rumble Strike Hammer has cracks in it for kids who want to pretend that they’re Cate Blanchett and about to destroy the hammer all over again, but the Thor figure — who is pictured with the body paint and outfit of his gladiatorial era — pointedly “includes 1 hammer,” according to the official description of the toy. (In comparison, the Hulk figure is simply described as including “movie-inspired gladiator deco and battle accessory.”)

More figures and role-play toys are likely to be revealed for the movie in the months to come — if nothing else, it’s unlikely Hasbro wouldn’t release a Loki or Collector figure closer to the movie’s November release. But perhaps those would be even more likely to spoil a movie reveal or two at this point…?



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