Thousands March In South Africa Against Zuma

Thousands Expected To March In South Africa Against Jacob ZumaThousands of protesters are staging a multi-city protest against President Jacob Zuma’s leadership in South Africa.

They are calling on President Zuma once again, to step down following a string of scandals.

The recent sacking of respected Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, last Thursday has outraged allies and opponents.

The reshuffle also caused rifts in the ruling African National Congress (ANC), which has governed South Africa since the end of the ‘white-minority rule’ in 1994.

Similarly, S&P Global Ratings cited Gordhan’s dismissal as one reason for its downgrade of South Africa to “junk” in an unscheduled review on Monday.

The Rand has tumbled more than 11 per cent since March 27, when President Zuma ordered Mr Gordhan to return home from overseas talks with investors, days before firing him from the cabinet.

SOURCE: Channels Tv