Tinubu: A Judge At His Own CaseA�

By Adebayo Adeyinka Yusuf

Undisputedly, the All Progressives Congress of Nigeria is the biggest and largest political platform in west Africa which cede to be the ruling political party in Nigeria. The party brewed out from the conglomeration of psyches that were questing for change and made themselves a congruent force.

In this cacophony of information and a super active and even treacherous political jungle, it is easy to lose track of the significant trend of events. Collective amnesia is the hallmark of a bad political culture. Yet, when politicians forget what happened before, the tendency is for them to make the same mistakes over and over. And Nigerian politics suffers from a disturbing epidemic of chronic amnesia. We forget what we choose not to remember in order to take advantage of the loopholes in the present.

To fast track the then ousted largest and biggest political party in Africa, the Peoples’ Democratic Party dived into the potholes of not aligning the leaders of the party in the fulcrums the leaders expected; exercised some incumbency and veto powers to achieve ones desirability against the wish of the general political party; imprudently shielded factions within the political party from the top leader of the party. All these are in no way far drawn from the erstwhile ruling party of our nation as the loopholes that made the party to be opposition of today and that ought to commonsensically be a great lesson learnt by any political platform that desires to rule for long if not up to years of governance by the ousted one but some years close to.

It is in this line that one furtively perceives an ominous and obnoxious stance from the ruling party of today even reeling out to be so evident to the governed and non politicians. Undeniably, factions have been rocking the party and degenerating to an internal fracas, hubbub cum crises. Some leaders of the political party – Buba Galadima, Asiwaju Tinubu and score of others have been anfractuosly alleged of been outlined and not well aligned to where they ought to belong.

Thus, one begins to perceive different teams peculiar to champions league in a political platform; a team perceived to be that of presidency formed by those at helms of power. In other words, one can even tag them as president’s heralds, they’re undoubtedly in control, they seems to get whatever they want and get power drunk. Those people are perceived to be – Adebayo Shittu, Rotimi Amaechi, Raji Fashola, and host of others. Well, some Governors are also part of this veto team.

Ascendancy of the current Government in Ondo state shouldn’t be suffered of amnesia or forgotten, when the Presidency’s team got what they wanted at all cost as against what the leaders of the party wanted.

There’s no gain saying the fact that Kudos should be accoladed to the party for maintaining to shield this seemingly looming crises of leadership within the party to the public domain while trying to portray the party as one that’s doing well and fine. Maybe that might be a lesson learnt from the direct antagonist of the party so as not to escalate the saga beyond reparable state.

But it is against that backdrop that one seem to ken the necessity for such designation made earlier on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 by the presidency that chose Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the judge of his own case to spearhead a team to improve and rejig cohesion within the party. Tinubu is expected to resolve all forms of disagreements among the party members, leaders and political office holders. In fact the publication made one to understand that the crises evolve and sprawl to state and local levels.

With that, a question sets in; Can an accused be the judge to his own case? If not, the move by the Presidency to quench the termites eating down the ruling party is commendable but a malapropos one.

– Yusuf Adeyinka Placid mnim, is a journalist and public coverage commentator.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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